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About Us

We are international workers serving with The Alliance all over the world.

About This Site

CMA Stories is our collection of videos, photos, and news from our lives in the field.  We hope that bringing these stories together in one place helps you all—our friends, families, and home church communities—stay connected with us as we serve many miles away.

We’re excited to share our stories with you, and we hope that you’ll be thrilled to find a steady stream of stories from all over the world in one convenient place.

Through our individual stories, we believe you’ll see the common thread of God’s faithfulness and love as he works in our families and communities around the world.

About Missions

Jesus told his followers to take his message of love to every corner of the world. Even today, we continue that mission with the poorest, the loneliest, the richest, and even the most popular people on earth.

For more information about the work we call missions, visit cmalliance.org/about/mission.

About The Alliance

The Alliance is our worldwide family. Together, we take Christ’s message of love to the furthest parts of our neighborhoods and nations.

C&MA churches are all over the world, many of them founded by families just like ours. Learn more about the C&MA at cmalliance.org.