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Praise and Prayer Requests – November 2019

Praise God, the Saturday morning children’s worship service is going well. The first couple of weeks, we just had a handful of children faithfully attending.  But last week, eleven children came.  After the worship service, Bale patiently teaches those that want to play the drums.  Sue tries to introduce things on the keyboard.  Bale and Ajarn Sittichai work with those wanting to learn guitar.  Some who had come a year ago are still asking for crafts.  They all seem addicted to the card game “Uno”.  Please continue to pray for these precious children.  Five of them come regularly to church […]

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Back to Baan Paeo

Back to Baan Paeo YouTube Video Thumbnail

We returned to Baan Paeo at the end of June.  Here are some highlights of the last few months.

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Saturday Kid’s Worship Service

Praise God! The Saturday ministry to the neighborhood children has begun again.  Not much happened on Saturday for these kids during the year we were on home assignment.  Our kids have grown over the years, as kids do, so no more coloring pages and kiddie lessons where we do everything for them.  The children are now in 4th, 5th and 6th grade.  Practically teenagers.  We called the kids together to make plans.  They wanted to start at 9 AM.  Yes, they assured us, they will be able to wake up and be there on time.  (Their parents/guardians don’t wake them […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – October 2019

Pray as we begin to train some of the adults at the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church to be leaders through the Center for Leadership Development (having the “Bible School” come to the church, where the book is the teacher, students work through the material at home, and we meet with the group weekly for discussion and application).  We will be working through a year program that reviews the basics of the Christian life, then moves on to Survey of the Bible, Christian family and Serving God.  Pray that God directs us in who should begin this training.  We can have […]

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Hungry for Jesus

Tukta came to our home on that rainy Monday night to see if I was home.  “My friend is distraught,” she told Ed as he answered the door, “I want to bring her over to your house in a few minutes to talk to Ajarn Sue.  My friend needs the Lord!” Ed agreed to the visit and informed me that plans for the evening had changed.  My first thoughts were a bit selfish.  We were in the middle of a Skype call with our daughter.  This was supposed to be our day off.  And we had not eaten dinner yet! […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – September 2019

Praise God, Sittichai has returned from his three-month internship with Youth for Christ in the north of Thailand. He is now beginning his nine-month internship at our church to complete his Bible School requirements for graduation.  We had a chance to meet with him and Pastor Sukprasan, our mother church pastor, to make plans for his time with us and for the ministry in the church.  Pray that God will bless Sittichai’s ministry and lead him according to His will.   We are starting to lay the foundation for Soul Care in the church each time Ed preaches or we […]

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Never Too Late

We were out doing errands in Bangkok on Thursday morning when Nun’s call came through with the news.  Noot, she explained, had been in a coma for more than 20 days.  Her family had decided to take her off life support, expecting her to die right away.  To everyone’s surprise, she kept breathing on her own.  It had been several days now.  The family had done all the traditional ceremonies already.  Everyone thinks she’s holding on for something.  “The friends in the market here asked me to take my group to visit her,” Nun continued, “they know Noot came to […]

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Jesus Heard Nong Baw’s Prayer

“Does anyone have something to thank Jesus for?” the cell group facilitator asked.  Nong Baw’s hand shot up, “I’m thankful Jesus heard my prayers and let me come home again!”  “What happened?”, I asked. Nong Baw, now in fourth grade, was the only child attending the small cell group gathered at Nun’s hair salon that Friday night.  Nun began to fill in the story.  “You remember before you left last year, Nong Baw’s relatives were trying to get him to live with them in another province more than an hour away.  At first, Nong Baw agreed after that first weekend […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – August 2019

Praise God for His help in settling into the house. The task has been a bit daunting, but we are 80 percent finished.  We hope to have the church members over later this month for a time of fellowship and dedicating this house to the Lord.   Praise God, it looks like we have enough money to purchase the car. Thank you to all who donated to our vehicle fund.  We need to wait until the new model cars come out at the end of August or beginning of September, because the one we hope to buy is out of […]

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It’s good to be back in Thailand!

It’s good to be back in Thailand! YouTube Video Thumbnail

What a great way to celebrate our birthdays – with our friends in Baan Paeo! Our flight back was fine, just spiced up a bit by delays making for very short stops in airports to change planes. This had us almost running in two airports to reach the gates in time to board.  Once we landed, amazingly on time, our field director picked us up and whisked us to the Alliance Mission Home.  The morning rush hour traffic gave us an extra hour in the van to visit with our field director and begin to catch up on all that’s […]

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