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Praise and Prayer Requests – August 2018

The Home Assignment Ministries Seminar in July went very well. We appreciated the wonderful worship services and times of spiritual renewal.  It was also good to reconnect with colleagues from around the world.  The retirement seminar that followed was a highlight for us.  Though, Lord willing, we still have many years to serve full time overseas, it was great to get a heads up and healthy perspective on retirement.  We love how the C&MA is so pro-active.  They really take good care of us as International Workers.  Thanks for praying.   The Summit Grove Family Camp was also very uplifting. […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – July 2018

Praise God, we arrived safely back in the USA to begin our year of home assignment. The Lord has provided a beautiful home for us to live in for the year in York County, PA.  We have been busy with visiting friends and relatives, moving in, and getting used to living in the USA again.  It is amazing how things change in even just a few years.  We were able to spend a few days at the beach with both of our children.  Thank you for praying.   Mid-July we fly to Colorado Springs for our Home Assignment Ministries Seminar. […]

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We’re Visible!

Maeo, Ed, Monta, Pyrat, Nun, Montian, Hydie, Joe

Praise God, people are noticing the Mahapawn Baan Paeo church in various ways.  It may be the members, the church sign, the cross on top of the building, or the building itself.  We are the first visible church in Baan Paeo, a district in Samut Sakhon Province with over 90,000 people. A year ago we had an enthusiastic team from Simpson University help paint the outside of the three and a half story store-front building we had rented in January 2017. The “apricot cream” paint really helped the building stand out.   We were able to put up a church sign […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – June 2018

Praise God, the first truck load of things went into storage at our mission office in Bangkok. The second and final load will be in two weeks.  It is quite an interesting process packing up a house.  Ed and I still use the old “mission” furniture: solid wood, mostly teak, made to order some 50 or more years ago by our missionary predecessors.  It is well made and very heavy.  Some missionary colleagues find furnished houses, or else don’t want to bother with the heavy mission furniture and/or prefers newer things.  But we are nostalgic.  When we move, we wrap […]

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Church Camp


Full of excitement, twenty-three of us piled into the chartered bus parked near the church in Baan Paeo, on Saturday morning, April 21.  We left promptly at 8 AM, driving a half hour to our mother church to pick up anyone not driving to camp in a private car.  Members at the mother church had prepared lots of refreshments for everyone on the bus for our 2 ½ hour drive to the resort located along a river in the mountains southwest of Bangkok.  The much anticipated Church Camp had begun, with close to 60 people ranging in age from a […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – May 2018

Praise God, Joe and Hydie Aguilar, our missionary colleagues from the Philippines, found a house in an area of Baan Paeo where we have had little witness. They have quickly settled in and jumped right into ministry.  It has been fun for Ed and me to have them here.  We have known them since 1992 when both of our families first came to Thailand.  We did language study together and our children grew up together.  This is the first time we have been on the same ministry team.  Pray that God will bless their ministry and their health.  This will […]

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Easter and Thai New Years’


Praise God, the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church celebrated EASTER this year!  Too often in the churches where we have served in Thailand, Easter comes and goes with little fanfare and hardly a mention.  This is not because the Thai Christians don’t believe in the resurrection.  They definitely do believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus!  The problem is the time of year. Usually Easter falls somewhere on or near Thai New Years’ (April 13-15) when the entire country goes on vacation.  Often this national holiday extends for 5 or 6 days.  The children are in the middle of their […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – April 2018

Praise God, the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church celebrated its first anniversary as a church on March 11.  The pastor of our mother church along with several church leaders joined us.  It was a very God-honoring time as many of our members testified to God’s goodness and faithfulness during the past year.   Praise God, Joe and Hydie Aguilar, our missionary colleagues, will be joining the Baan Paeo Church Planting team when they return from their home assignment in April.  They are from the Philippines. Pray that God will help us find the perfect home for them to rent in Baan […]

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Following Jesus in Baptism 25 Feb 2018

Following Jesus in Baptism 25 Feb 2018 YouTube Video Thumbnail

Praise God for the seven people who were baptized on Sunday February 25, 2018.  The five baptism candidates from our church plant in Baan Paeo gave their testimonies in our morning worship service.  We then joined our mother church and their two baptism candidates at a community swimming pool for a joint service.   We hope you enjoy this video of the day’s events.

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Following Jesus

Praise God, seven people were baptized on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at a joint service with our mother church.  Our mother church pastor, Pastor Sukprasan, officiated.  The five from Baan Paeo shared their testimonies with us in our morning worship service before we loaded into cars and vans to meet the mother church at a community swimming pool in Mahachai.  Here is a bit of their stories: “I never thought I would ever be happy.  I cried all the time,” Samruay shared with me a few weeks back.  Her life had been miserable.  Her husband Sunun had been addicted to […]

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