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Making Disciples of All Nations

Posted by danneker on May 5th, 2014 | Leave a comment


Preecha and Akseli

Mid-day on Easter Sunday was clear, bright and very hot, as the Mahapawn Living Water Church congregation gathered at a local swimming pool for the baptismal service.  Two new Christians were ready to follow the Lord in baptism.  Akseli, 25, is from Finland.  He first came to the church a year ago while he was visiting Filipino friends in Thailand that attend our Sunday morning English Bible Study Fellowship.  They shared their faith with Akseli and he prayed with them to accept the Lord as his Savior.  This recent trip to Thailand began in December 2013.  He regularly attended the church and grew in his faith.  Since he doesn’t know the Thai language, Joel Gerada (C&MA missionary from the Philippines) discipled him with English materials.  Akseli wanted to be baptized before he returned to Finland in May.  “Though I grew up in the church in Finland, I did not know God…Now I have purpose and meaning in my life,” he shared on the day of his baptism.

Joel Gerada baptizes Akseli

Preecha, 67, popped into the picture as Sue was visiting Ann at her noodle shop the week before she was baptized in February.  He had come to have some noodles and spotted Sue.  Ann introduced Sue and told Preecha that she was a Christian now.  Preecha had been Ann’s fifth grade English teacher more than 30 years ago!  Sue invited him to Ann’s baptism on that Sunday.  He eagerly came.  And because he is quite good in English, he came to both the morning English Bible Study Fellowship and the afternoon worship service. There were tears of joy in his eyes that day.  As he watched Ann’s baptism he told Sue, “I want to be baptized next.”  Sue told him he needed to be a Christian first.  When Ed visited him that week to fully share the Gospel, Preecha was ready to accept Jesus as his Savior.  He has come very faithfully to church since and has eagerly been studying discipleship Bible studies with Ed. 

 “Jesus has been knocking at the door of my heart for 50 years,” Preecha began his testimony after being baptized.  “I had met Christians along the way and even went to a Bible Study led by a missionary about 15 years ago but there were too many obstacles to becoming a Christian at that time.  Then in February, I decided I wanted to find that missionary (from another denomination who left the field more than ten years ago) and ask him more questions about God.  But I met Sue first.”

 Praise God for how he is moving in both our ministry to expatriates and to Thai people!


Pastor Sukprasan baptizes Preecha






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