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Some of the team the helped pass out Gospel literature

Some of the team the helped pass out Gospel literature

While we passed out the gospel literature on Saturday, Sept 10, the team with Brian Lindsay (our missionary colleague), Pastor Sukprasan and Jay-Muay (a new believer) walked to the end of a rather deep lane and met Sa-naw and his wife Nong.  Between our four teams, we passed out over 1,000 pieces of gospel literature complete with the church’s contact information.  Each team had opportunities to talk with people in the community.   During the next week, Pastor received only one call requesting a follow-up visit.  It was from Sa-naw and Nong.  Pastor Sukprasan and Brian went on Wednesday, Sept 21 before our cell group meeting and talked with them for over an hour.  At the cell group, Pastor shared this praise report.  After hearing this news, Ahn was amazed.  It turns out he knows this couple quite well.  He had no idea they might be interested in the Lord.  They were like second parents to him.  “I have to go and visit them,” he said.  A few days later, Ahn accompanied us to visit them and then went again with Brian.

After our Evangelism Explosion lesson with Nun, Bale and Ahn, on Saturday afternoon, Sept 17, we wanted to visit somebody.  Ahn suggested his friend Hot, also 15 years old, who was in the hospital due to a motorcycle accident.  Bale, Ahn, Ed and I went.  Hot was just politely interested in our visit.  But Ed had a great conversation with his father, Song.  Bale and I visited with the patient and family in the next bed in the ward.  We also got to share a lot of the gospel and pray for this sick person.

Hot lives in the building next to Jay-Muay, our newest believer.  Ten relatives live with him.  After the visit with Hot we learned that two little girls who regularly attend the Saturday Kid’s Club live there too.  Then Jay-Muay brought Hot’s Uncle Noy, to Wednesday cell group on Sept 21.  He also lives in that building.  He wants to be free from alcohol.  Jay-Muay had shared Sunun’s testimony of deliverance after he came to faith in Jesus.  It has made Noy interested in learning more.

As we were out taking an evening walk (Sept 20), Ahn and Bale drove up on their motorcycle.   As we talked along the side of the road, Ahm-pa walked by.  She stopped and chatted too.  Ed and I were surprised to learn that Ahn and Bale know Ahm-pa quite well.  She had lived only a few rooms down from where Ahn grew up.  “She is an aunt to me,” said Ahn.  The amazing thing in all this is that Ahm-pa was the lady I had visited and shared with for about four months last year.  She was starting to believe but then her family warned her that the family “spirit” that they worship would never take her back if she stopped worshiping it.  So she cut off the spiritual conversations, but still wanted to be my friend.  I have visited some over the last months, but respected her request not to hear any more about Jesus.  Perhaps God will open the door again through Ahn and Bale.

Ed is having a great time witnessing to Bern, a lawyer who owns a new coffee shop in town.  He is also in enjoying some great coffee.  After 18 years in the high stress job as a lawyer, Bern needed a break.  He opened the coffee shop and bakery and now only does occasional lawyer things.  Bern is fascinated that God can change people.  Brian and his wife Abby have started to visit Bern too.

Brian got his car washed at a local gas station.  He was directed to a waiting room and a lady with a head scarf comes in to turn on the A/C.  He was able to share quite a bit with her.  A week later, Brian took us to meet Toi since she is a lady closer to my age.  It was fascinating to listen to her share about her Muslim faith but to ask many questions about our faith.  About nine percent of the Thai are Muslim.

Coincidences?  Nah.  Divine Appointments.  Please pray for these and the many other people that God led us to meet.  Pray for wisdom as we share the Good News of Jesus.  Pray that God will use us to help them all move closer to saving faith in Jesus.


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