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I Had a Dream

Posted by danneker on October 31st, 2016 | Leave a comment


Tong-Jera, Jay-Muay, and Sue

As we rounded the corner to our normal spot to pick up Nun for the monthly cell group in the coconut orchards of Mae Klong on September 27, we were delighted to see Jay-Muay standing there with her.  Nun had invited her to come, but Jay-Muay only decided that morning to go too.  The two ladies got into the car and we were off to Anek and his wife’s Sombat’s home, about 25 km away.  Upon arrival, Anek greeted Jay-Muay at the door.  He had never met her before.  “How old are you?” he asked her.  Jay-Muay replied, “Sixty-three.”  Anek said very matter-of-factly, “This is the one, then.”  Anek went on to explain that the night before God had given him a dream that a small lady in her sixties would be joining the group today.  When his wife was trying to decide how much food to prepare for lunch, Anek confidently told her to prepare for one more.  A special visitor was coming too, he told her.  Someone they had not met before.  This really touched Jay-Muay.  She was amazed that God would use dreams to announce her coming.  “But I only decided just this morning to come.  How could you know last night?” asked Jay-Muay.

img_2663-smaller Jay-Muay had been attending the Wednesday night cell group in Baan Paeo for about 4-5months.  She put her trust in Jesus as her Savior on September 1.  We faced a challenge to disciple her.  Jay Muay never went to school and never learned to read.  So we bought her an audio Bible and I (Sue) started to drop in her home regularly and talk about God, using stories.

img_2682-monthly-cell-group-in-mae-klong-smaller  Jay-Muay thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship that morning with people around her age.  She is fascinated by Sunun’s testimony of Jesus helping him quit alcohol after 40 years of addiction.  Sunun’s wife, Samruay, who was starting to open her heart more to Jesus, also does not read (see next story: “More Ripe Fruit in the Orchard”).  Like Jay-Muay, she was the eldest daughter whose parents had her forfeit school so she could help care for younger siblings.

The following Sunday we were delighted to see everyone from Mae Klong at church, but especially to see Jay-Muay come for the first time.  She had never been to a Sunday worship service before.  Ed and I had attended the 50th anniversary of the first C&MA church in the Bangkok area that morning and could not drive Nun to church at the normal time.  Nun said on Saturday that she would just take the slow hour long bus to Mahachai and meet us at church.    “I decided Saturday night, I was not going to go to church,” said Nun.  “I felt lazy to sit on the bus for so long,” she added.  “I told God I wouldn’t be going to church, I would pray at home.  Then Jay-Muay knocks on my door early in the morning and told me she would be going to church.  I knew then, God was getting after me.  So we all came to church.”


Samruay, Jay-Muay, and Sunun at church

Then we heard the story of what had happened.  “I had a dream last night,” said Jay-Muay.  “I dreamed that Sunun’s wife Samruay was very, very sad.  I knew it was because I did not come to church and see her again. We had had such a nice time at their home.  I also dreamed that they would be preparing Kanom Jeen for dinner.  I told Nun that in the morning.  And indeed that was the menu!”

Praise God for how He is ministering to Jay-Muay and revealing His presence to her in ways that she understands.  Please pray for Jay-Muay to grow in her faith.  Pray for wisdom in teaching her through stories. Pray that her family comes to faith in Jesus.  Her granddaughter is a regular at the Saturday kid’s club.img_2372-smaller



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