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More Ripe Fruit in the Orchard

Posted by danneker on October 31st, 2016 | 1 comment

img_2391-smallerEd arrived at Sunun and Samruay’s home in the middle of the coconut orchards for the weekly discipleship with Sunun on Thursday afternoon, October 6.  The men sat on the big front porch, Samruay took her usual spot near the door of their simple wooden Thai home.  Today she seemed more excited than normal.  She chatted away about a recent trip to the health center.  Then seemingly off the subject, she said to Ed, “I am not hanging anything anymore!”  As she spoke, she swung her arm past her neck and then pointed in the direction of the wall inside the house that he could not see very clearly from his angle.  Ed wasn’t sure what she meant by it all.  Then Samruay began praising God for the changes in her husband.  She said Sunun has not touched a drop of alcohol since his day of freedom (July 3), he is eating more rice, he’s helpful around the house.  His stomach ulcer is gone.  Sunun is back to fishing too.

As they opened the Bible, Sunun wanted to understand the wonderful Bible passage from 2 Corinthians 5, that the old is gone and the new has come (vs 17), and how Jesus, who had no sin, became sin for us (vs 21).  God is really healing Sunun’s mind.  He is significantly more talkative than when we first met him in January.  He is able to grasp concepts.  Every now and then, Samruay said, “I am starting to go this way,” or “I am starting to believe.”  Ed was happy to hear this news, but still did not understand the full significance of it.

Samruay shared the sad news of an elderly neighbor lady dying in one of the irrigation canals nearby.  They had gone to her funeral last week.   “She was drunk, fell over and drowned in the shallow water.  I don’t have to worry about Sunun doing that now!” she exclaimed.  Then again she mentioned about “starting to believe” and how good God is to free her husband from the alcohol.  Samruay again praised God for the Psalms.  “I listen to them every night (on the audio Bible), from the first one to number 150.  They give me such peace and comfort.”

After the Bible study, Ed excused himself to use their facilities inside their home.  That is when he realized what was going on.  Not only was Samruay not wearing the religious amulet around her neck anymore, but he saw the walls of her home were clear of all the religious pictures and sacred things she used to have “hanging” there. Ed rejoined the couple on the porch of their home and asked Samruay, “Are you ready to trust Jesus as your Savior?”  She was!  Ed then had the privilege of explaining the wonderful Good News of salvation in Jesus so Samruay could affirm that that was her intention.  “Do you intend to follow Jesus and trust in Him alone for your salvation?’ Ed asked.  Samruay gave a resounding, “YES.”  After prayer, Ed showed her John 1:12, he asked if that is what she did.  “Yes.”  “And who are you now?”  “I am a child of God!”  Praise God!

img_2488-edited-smallerPlease pray for this couple that now both will grow strong in their faith.  Pray that their lives will continue to shine and that we will see many more friends and relatives come to saving faith in Jesus.

One Response to More Ripe Fruit in the Orchard

  1. Susan says:

    I LOVE your analogy of cleaning fish and discipleship!
    Thank you for your faithfulness in discipling people to jesus!!

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