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Nong Baw

Posted by danneker on June 3rd, 2017 | 3 comments

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Nong Baw was perched on the barber’s chair in Nun’s Hair Salon.  Nong Bam sat on the hair washing chair.  Both in second grade; they rattled on about all kinds of things.  Then Nong Baw turned to Nun, who the neighborhood children affectionately call “Auntie Nun,” and said he was worried about his grandparents.  “I want my grandparents to know Jesus like you do, Auntie Nun,” Nong Baw said.  “They are having a lot of problems with their health right now and they are not happy like you.”  Nong Baw has been raised by his grandparents since he was very young.  His parents split up and neither have been a part of his life.

Nong Baw went on, “Before, my grandfather did not want me to attend the Saturday Kid’s Club.  He told me the foreigner is washing my brain.  How can that be?  My brain is inside my head.  Teacher Sue could not get anything in there to wash it.  Besides, even when you wipe a mirror with a sponge, you wipe and wipe and it is still not perfectly clean.  I don’t think someone can wash your brain.  So I decided to keep on attending Kid’s Club.  My grandfather even tried giving me money if I would not attend.  But after a few weeks, I decided I wanted to attend more than get the extra money.”

Nong Baw’ faith is precious.  He has been attending the Saturday Kid’s Club for over a year now.  In recent months, his grandparents encourage Nong Baw to attend Kid’s Club and even go to Sunday service with Auntie Nun.  His grandmother has come to cell group a few times.  Nong Baw prays every day and sees God answer his prayer.  He often has a word of praise to share with the other children. But the most powerful testimony to his young life has been the love that Auntie Nun shows him and all the neighborhood children.  Nong Baw asked Nun to stop by and talk to his grandfather about Jesus, which Nun has.  Pray that God will grant his prayer and both his grandparents will come to saving faith in Jesus.



3 Responses to Nong Baw

  1. MaryAnn Forry says:

    Prayed for this precious little guy and asked God to give him the desire of his heart to see his grand prints come to give their hearts to Jesus and live Jesus as among Baw does and that he will always love Jesus as he does now!
    MaryAnn Forry

  2. Gail Ropp says:

    Love your letters and ministry,blessings to you

  3. Doris Jensen says:

    Yes, Lord. Draw these grandparents to saving faith.

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