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Praise and Prayer Requests – July 2017

Posted by danneker on July 7th, 2017 | Leave a comment

Praise and Prayer Requests –July 2017

  1. God has blessed us with several seekers in recent months. Paw-Ngam (Nun’s father) has started to see God answer his prayers.  A non-reader, he has accepted an audio Bible and has been listening to it quite a bit. It makes him feel very peaceful. He enjoys coming to church, though he still doesn’t understand it all.   Benz (Nun’s oldest son) and his girlfriend Taw have begun to attend Sunday Services when they don’t have to work.  The first service they attended a month ago confused them.  Why were we singing?  What was going on?  Nun happily answers their questions.  Taw especially has been experiencing God answer her prayers and is very interested.  Ba Tim (Nong Baw’s grandmother-see June 2017 post) has continued to move closer to Jesus.  She visits Nun almost daily for prayer.  She has expressed interest in attending church, but has not been able to come yet.  Naen prayed with the story telling team from the Mahapawn Bangkok Church on June 10. She has started to express faith in Jesus.  Newt was mentioned in the story posted this month.  Please pray for these seekers and others that God has been bringing to the church in Baan Paeo.  Pray that they each continue to move closer to Jesus and fully embrace him as their Savior and Lord.  Pray that God continues to give Nun wisdom as she shares her faith with everyone.


  1. Please pray for our newer believers. Tong Jera (Bale’s grandmother), Jay Muay, Nok and Rung, that they will each grow strong in the faith.


  1. Praise God, Bale came to church on Sunday. Pray that God continues to revive her heart.


  1. Pray that God continues to raise up the Thai leadership for this church. Pray that God will soon provide a Thai pastor for this growing congregation.


  1. Praise God, our daughter Laura has successfully finished her masters of music education at Lee University. She will be flying to Hong Kong on July 21 to begin teaching middle school and high school music at the International Christian School of Hong Kong.  Please pray for safety in travels and for her transition back to being a teacher again and to living in Hong Kong.  Pray that she stays close to Jesus.


  1. We appreciate your interest in the ministry here in Thailand. We greatly value your prayers for us.  The work advances as we all pray.  We also greatly appreciate your gifts to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Without these funds, we would not be able to minister here in Thailand.   If you would like to donate to our support, please follow the link on the right hand side of this webpage.

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