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River Valley Short Term Team Impact

Posted by danneker on July 7th, 2017 | 1 comment


Praise God for the team from River Valley Alliance Church (Wisconsin) that joined us for ministry June 19-28.  God used the team in mighty ways to impact both the church in Baan Paeo and Mahachai.  Their willingness to teach English opened the doors for over 120 students plus many of the teachers to hear the Good News of Jesus at two different schools.  Especially exciting was how this team ministered so effectively to the Thai – through visitation, personal testimonies, special music, children’s programs and lots of “on sight with insight” prayer.

Heidi’s testimony on Sunday morning touched the hearts of numerous Thai people.  One seeker in Baan Paeo named Newt indicated she wanted to start walking in the Jesus way after Pastor Caleb’s sermon.  Pray as we follow up Newt. She has been a long time drug user and has come to the cell group in Baan Paeo off and on for the last year and a half.  Pray that God will free her from her addictions, help her to continue to grow in the faith and come to fully trust in Jesus.

Later we learned of more ways that God used Pastor Caleb’s sermon and Heidi’s testimony on Sunday.  Pawn (see “More Fruit in Mae Klong, May 2017 post) came to church with the very question that Heidi posed “Why is this happening to me?”

Pawn is on the left standing in front of Sue

Pawn is on the left standing in front of Sue

Pawn and her family had warmly welcomed the team the previous Thursday at their humble home in the coconut orchards of Mae Klong for a cell group meeting. Later she received word that her 17 year old son from a previous relationship had been arrested.  This son lives with his father on the other side of Bangkok several hours away.  Pawn spent most of the day on Saturday in Bangkok trying to help her son and did not get back to Mae Klong until 3 AM.  She had next to no sleep since she had volunteered to make some of the food for the Sunday fellowship lunch.   Pawn had just resigned from 8 years of working at a store in Mahachai. She would soon start a more flexible job — SO she could come to church on Sundays and take better care of her husband, two younger sons and elderly parents.  The store she had worked at would not let her take Sundays off since that is their biggest selling day.  This was the third Sunday that she was able to attend Sunday services.  God has been reviving her heart over the last several months and she really desires to worship Him again every Sunday.  And then this family issue.  All of the “whys, why me, why us…and I was trusting you God so I could attend Sunday worship” flooded her mind.  She shared all this briefly with Nun before the service began.

AND THEN she heard Heidi’s testimony.  I did notice Pawn really focus on what was being said as I faced the congregation translating Heidi’s testimony into Thai.  Nun said Pawn then squeezed her arm and said, “I have my answer now.  I am a child of God!  And God will see us through this.”  Pastor Caleb’s sermon confirmed everything that Heidi shared.  God is so good!

Please pray for Pawn and her family as they deal with this older son.  Pray that Pawn’s husband comes to faith in Christ.  He is supportive of his wife and their two young grade school sons attending church, but he is not personally interested yet.

Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church with the team

Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church with the team

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  1. Doris Jensen says:

    Praise God for fruit. May God work in these hearts that have been stirred by the Spirit. May God make a way.

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