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He saw the church sign…

Posted by danneker on July 30th, 2017 | 2 comments

Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church

Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church

On Saturday, July 2, the Mahapawn Baan Paeo church sign was attached on the third floor balcony railing.  The three story building we are renting is already quite prominent; located at the center of town, right where the largest bridge crosses over the main canal that runs through the town.  It is very visible from both the road and the canal.  We are also located right where almost every car and motorcycle seems to pass by during rush hour.  It is the short cut to drive under the bridge.  Then we painted the building “apricot cream” which made it stand out even more.  And now the sign.  Eventually we want to put a cross on the top of the building.  But God is already using the sign to draw people to Himself.

May-ta saw the sign within days.  He came to church that next Sunday.  He seemed a bit overwhelmed at first but assured us that he was a believer.   He was born into a Christian family in another province.  “I have not been to church for ten years, ever since I got married and moved to Baan Paeo.” he told us. “I did not know of any church in the area. Then I was riding my motorcycle and saw the church sign.  My life has been dark.  I want to get back right with God.”  The next Sunday he brought his seven year old daughter to church.  Then he came to Wednesday night prayer meeting even though it was pouring down rain.  He and his family grow guava and raise fresh water shrimp.  When we visited his family the next Saturday we were way back in the orchards of Baan Paeo and were warmly received.  The two church members we took with us shared their testimonies with his relatives that gathered to greet us.  “You are the first foreigners to ever visit our home,” they said to Ed and me.  Pray that May-ta will grow in his faith.  Pray that his wife, Nuu, comes to saving faith in Jesus.  Pray for Brian Lindsay, our missionary teammate, as he disciples May-ta.  Pray that God continues to use our very visible location to bring people to Himself.

Nun, May-ta, Nok, Nuu, Sue, Nuu's sister

Nun, May-ta, Nok, Nuu, Sue, Nuu’s sister

2 Responses to He saw the church sign…

  1. Mike- River Valley says:

    thanks for the information

  2. Josephine and Rebecca says:

    God has answered our prayers. So excited that May-ta and his family were led to you guys! Continued prayers for your church members, you all, and those who are searching for the hope that lives within us.

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