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Spiritual Hunger

Posted by danneker on July 30th, 2017 | 3 comments


Nok and her husband Roong had asked Jesus to be their Savior this past Christmas.  But due to the nature of their work, building concrete roads, their attendance at church has been sporadic.  “When we are pouring the concrete, we have to finish, we can’t take a break.  And sometimes we are under a deadline and don’t dare take a break either,” they explained.  Nok was “revived” after the short term team from River Valley Alliance Church came at the end of June.  We took several people from the team to visit them at their worksite.  Nok was able to help with both the school outreach and visitation.  “I want to study the discipleship material again,” she exclaimed.  We had only done a lesson or two before they had a big job to do.  Ed and I have learned over the years of working with new Christians that when they are spiritually hunger, feed them.  When they are open to be taught, teach them.  Sometimes that “window of opportunity” is very short.

Sunday, July 16, they came to church bringing two of their workers with them.  “We’re free now for a few days, we are in-between jobs,” Nok said.  So Monday night we went to teach them at their home.  The two workers joined us.  Tuesday night we went again, again the workers joined us.  Everyone came to Wednesday prayer meeting.  “Can you come tomorrow? I want to know more about God!” Nok asked.  How could we turn that down?  So we went back to their home on Thursday evening.  This time only one of the workers joined us.  Tum had been participating and asking really good questions.  “Tum, are you ready to pray and ask Jesus to come into your life and start on the road as Jesus’ disciple?” we asked him.  We did not want to rush him, but also did not want to miss the opportunity.  He assured us he was ready.  What a privilege is was for Ed to pray with Tum.

Nok joined us when we visited May-ta (see “He saw the church sign”) and now has a much clearer testimony.  She has seen God help her in her work and in her life.  She is eager to share her faith.  She had us visit both of her sons and their families, so we could share with them about Jesus during a previous “break in the work”.  Pray that Nok and Roong continue to grow in their faith.  Pray that Tum also continues on the Jesus road.  He is from Korat, a province in the northeast of Thailand.  He comes to the area when he is looking for work. He has worked for Nok and Roong many times before.  Pray that God gives Ed and me strength as we teach these eager new believers.

Tum and Ed

Tum and Ed

3 Responses to Spiritual Hunger

  1. Heidi Hanus says:

    Praise God! Our team has a special place in our hearts for Nok. It was such a blessing to have her with us– she has helped each of us grow deeper in our faith as well– that hunger for Jesus and the desire to share His love MORE– is contagious!! We have all been praying for her, Roong and their workers.
    May God richly bless your work and continue to give you strength! We think of you and pray for you often.
    With much love in Christ– the RVAC team

  2. Doris Jensen says:

    Thank you Lord for working in these hearts, for salvation and a desire of more of You and Your Word. Give wisdom and strength for Ed and Sue as they disciple and continue to be obedient to the call on their lives. Bless them, Lord, with abundance of Your Spirit.

  3. Rebecca Wangerin says:

    He keeps answering our prayers! We were taught how to pray in Thailand and will continue to do so in America. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing with us all the fruit of the Spirit’s working, through your time and talents.

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