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Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church Dedication Celebration – August 27, 2017

Posted by danneker on September 7th, 2017 | 2 comments


Praise God for the church dedication celebration of the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church.  Everything went very smoothly.  Thank you for praying.  In the morning, 28 members from our mother church, the Mahapawn Living Water Church, joined us for a joint worship service.  Pastor Sukprasan, the mother church pastor, brought his worship team and led the service.  Ed preached the message from the Word.  It was so good to fellowship with our mother church members again.  Ed and I had been privileged to help with planting that church from 2007-2014.  We all enjoyed fellowship lunch together then started to prepare for the afternoon dedication service and evening meal.  We were especially blessed to see the sweet fellowship between the two churches.

In the afternoon, we were honored as the mayor and assistant mayor of Baan Paeo, the pastors from three other Mahapawn churches each bringing about ten of their members, and other C&MA missionary colleagues joined us.  Our building was filled to overflowing with 99 people by the afternoon.  The mayor and our Thailand C&MA District president cut the ribbon.  Then we squeezed in as many people as we could in our second floor sanctuary for the rest of the service.  “Overflow” was on the mezzanine and first floor.  What a blessing to review how God has moved since we began outreach in Baan Paeo two years ago.  God is good.  May God continue to use this new church to reach the community of Baan Paeo for Jesus.


(“Mahapawn” in the Thai language means “Great Blessing.”  The very first C&MA church in Bangkok is called “Mahapawn Church”, located on Pradipat Road near our Alliance Mission Home.  Many of the C&MA churches in the Bangkok metropolitan area use “Mahapawn” in their name to indicate the relationship.  The Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church is actually a great-granddaughter of this original “Mahapawn Church”.)

2 Responses to Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church Dedication Celebration – August 27, 2017

  1. Steve Cutter says:

    What a blessing to see the church advancing! Praise God for His goodness!

  2. Doris Jensen says:

    Praise God for a great day.

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