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Praise and Prayer Requests – September 2017

Posted by danneker on September 7th, 2017 | Leave a comment

  1. Praise God for Sittichai, a third year Bangkok Bible School student who has joined us for weekend ministry. The Lord sent him to us the weekend before our big dedication service, just in time to help with so many logistics of handling such a crowd.  We are impressed by this young man’s dedication to serve the Lord.  He comes to Baan Paeo Friday night and stays at the church through Sunday afternoon.  He has classes Tuesday through Friday.  Please pray for him that God will bless his ministry and his studies.


  1. After our dedication service, the assistant mayor of Baan Paeo encouraged his sister, Ta, to take a nephew named Nought to our church. Nought, in his 30’s, wants to be free from his addiction.  Ta and Nought came to Wednesday prayer meeting and then to church on Sunday.  Nought has asked for Jesus to set him free.  Please pray for Nought, that he will come to saving faith in Jesus and be set free.  Pray that Ta will also open her heart up to the Lord.


  1. Praise God, Bale has started to come regularly for church again. She wants to revive her spiritual life.  I have begun to have discipleship times with her as well.  Pray that God will help her grow strong in the faith and stay on the straight and narrow.  Pray also that she will continue to be successful in school.


  1. We are so thankful for your gifts to the Great Commission Fund of the C&MA for our support as International workers. Please continue to let this be a priority.  However, we also now need to raise funds for a new car.  We will be selling the one we have been using for the past eleven years before we go on home assignment in June 2018.  With almost 200,000 hard city kilometers, it is starting to need more and more major repairs.  We will use what we get for the old car towards the purchase of the new one.  Please pray that enough funds will come in so that we can purchase our next vehicle when we return to Thailand after home assignment in July 2019.  If you would like to contribute to our vehicle fund, please go to cmalliance.org/give   and you will see “give to international worker and special project”.  Type in “Danneker” in the search area, then select “vehicle fund”.  Thank you so much.

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