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Thai Mother’s Day Outreach

Posted by danneker on September 7th, 2017 | 2 comments


The children came early, full of excitement and all dolled up with a little stage make-up.  We were going to celebrate Thai Mother’s Day (celebrated August 12 each year).  After almost two months of practice, the children were more than ready for the two songs they were going to present that Sunday morning.  Now, would the moms come?

We had been encouraging our Saturday Kid’s Club children to invite their moms.  “My mom’s not free.”  “My mom won’t come.” Was what I had been hearing.  Several children told me, “I don’t have a mom – my grandma takes care of me.”  So we encouraged these kids to invite grandma.  “Whoever is mom to you, even if it’s dad,” I finally said.  My husband Ed and I went around and invited the moms we could locate the week before.  All of them were non-committal, politely responding, “If I’m free.”  Only little Nong Tem-fa said her mom would come.  But then she got sick and her mom told me they had to go make merit on Sunday anyway.  Sigh.

In faith, I had wrapped 30 packages of soy milk for the children to present to their moms along with the cards and mother’s day crafts we had been doing on Saturdays.  I also made sure the handful of children that come with family on Sunday had made things too.  We were also ready with 30 little silk jasmine flower corsages (the Thai traditional flower of choice for mother’s day) to pin on the moms and grandmas who would come. And we prayed.

Praise God!  48 people joined us that morning!  The Lord brought five moms and one grandma, all of whom had never been to church before.  The grandma who came was Ba-Tim, Nong Baw’s grandma (see “Nong Baw” June 2017 posting).  Nong Nery’s mom, nicknamed Jim, has come every Sunday since along with Nong Nery.  Jim is already starting to experience God at work in her life.

Our mother church pastor, Pastor Sukprasan led a wonderful service.  His wife Eve gave a clear presentation of the Gospel.  The children did a great job with their performance.  Only little 4 year-old Nong Nerylek got stage fright and bolted to sit with her mom instead of sing.  The children then proudly gave their gifts to their moms.  The few children without moms attending took their presents to give to their moms later at home.  But we spied our church adults come along side these precious children and give them hugs of encouragement.

Please pray for Jim, Ba-Tim and the other mothers, that God will continue to draw them to Himself.  Pray that the faith of these children will also continue to grow and that their families will see Jesus in them.

2 Responses to Thai Mother’s Day Outreach

  1. Mike- River Valley says:

    48 people!

  2. Doris Jensen says:

    That is wonderful. One by one!

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