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Welcome to the Family, Nought and Ta!

Posted by danneker on October 30th, 2017 | 3 comments

“Ed, can you meet me tomorrow at the church?  Nought is ready to trust in Jesus as his Savior,” Aey said over the phone.   “Definitely!” Ed responded and they set up a time.  What a delightful surprise and what a wonderful change of events.  Up until that point, we were concerned that Nought was not really interested in the Lord.

Nought, a young man 30 years old, first came to our church with his Aunt Ta right after our church dedication service at the end of August.  His uncle had attended the dedication.  He was impressed with what he saw and heard as members of our church shared their testimonies with him at the event.  He and his sister Ta were very concerned for their nephew Nought and thought Jesus might be the answer for him.  Nought was on a dangerous path of addictions and wild living.  Unknown to us at first, the family decided to pay Nought to attend our church!  His Aunt Ta came with him to make sure he came.  The deal was they would pay him to come for one month.  They then hoped he would become interested and start to come on his own, eventually becoming a Christian and be freed of his addictions.

So Nought came.  Sometimes antsy.  Sometimes calm.  Aunt Ta told Nun (our church member) that she was coming only for Nought.  Then she told Nun about the payment plan.  Nun encouraged Ed to visit Nought.  “We only have a month, then the payments will stop and he may stop coming,” Nun said.  Actually Ed had been trying, but almost every time he got to the family shop where Nought works, Nought had taken off.  But Ed persisted and did get in a few visits outside of church.

But we all started visiting with Ta.  She is a lovely lady in her late thirties who has helped take care of Nought since his mom died shortly after Nought was born and his dad moved away to start another family.  She began to participate quite actively in our Wednesday night Bible study and prayer time.  She also started reading all the literature we had been giving her.  She still insisted she was coming only for Nought, but we all sensed she was starting to believe.

Nought’s paid month expired at the end of September.  He told us about the plan.  “If I come to church now, it’s because I want to, not because I am being paid.”  Praise the Lord, he and his aunt continued to come.

Then God sent a team from the Mahapawn Bangkok Church, a more established and much larger sister C&MA church two hours away on the other side of Bangkok.  They were eager to help the new church plant here in Baan Paeo and came ready for anything on Saturday, October 7.  Ed asked for any men on the team who has dealt with addiction of any kind to come with him to visit Nought.  Aey was one of those men.  A Christian himself for less than a year, he is passionate about helping people with addictions be freed in Jesus.  Ed’s group visited with Nought and Ta for several hours that Saturday afternoon.  Aey really connected with Nought.  Addiction was very personal in Aey’s life.  He had dabbled in all kinds of drugs and was a heavy smoker before coming to faith in Jesus.  Then he shared the sad news of his younger brother being so addicted to drugs that he committed suicide three years ago. Aey had lost a close friend to drugs too.   What a wake-up call.  “If you do drugs, you’ll end up dead like a dog on the side of the road,” Aey warned Nought.  After the visit, Aey promised to contact Nought through social media and phone calls as well as praying for him every day.

That night, Ta read more of the literature we had given her earlier and the gospel tracts the team had given her that day.  She decided to trust in Jesus and prayed to ask Jesus to come into her life.  On Sunday after service, she quietly told Nun what she had done.  Nun told Ed the good news.  Ed quickly had whoever was still in the sanctuary come around Ta and pray for her, rejoicing in our new sister in Christ.

The call from Aey came the next day.  Tuesday, Nought came to the church to meet Ed and Aey.  Aey had driven close to an hour to be there for Nought.  Ed and Aey shared the Gospel making sure Nought understood.  Nought was ready to make his faith formal.  Praise God!  Aey will continue to contact Nought and pray for him every day.  He will be a valuable mentor since they share similar experiences.  Ed has begun discipling Nought in the faith.

When Nought and Ta came on that Wednesday for prayer meeting, they were both glowing.  Nought was already looking different and very excited about the Lord.  Please pray for both Ta and Nought.  Sue and Nun have begun discipling and mentoring Ta.  Nought has many challenges ahead of him, but we know God is sufficient and able to help him be truly free and new in Christ.

Nun and Ta at Wednesday Prayer meeting

Nun and Ta at Wednesday Prayer meeting

3 Responses to Welcome to the Family, Nought and Ta!

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    Praising God for His word in Ta and Naught’s lives. What a great God we serve!

    Continued blessing on your lives and ministry,

  2. Mike- River Valley says:

    the Dannekers witnessed Jesus’ pursuit of the lost sheep. It doesn’t get much better!
    (EdSue-Your pray-er for December is ready to pray. She’s a mother and a wife of a young family.)

  3. Steve Cutter says:

    Praise the Lord for His mercy and love! Thanks for your faithful service!

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