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Praise and Prayer Requests – December 2017

Posted by danneker on December 4th, 2017 | 1 comment

  1. The team from the Glenview Alliance Church (Glen Rock, PA) was amazing. Their enthusiastic two weeks of ministry alongside us touched every corner of the church.  God has a way of sending the right people at the right time.  Our “Kid’s Club” children loved them and several kids bonded with the team members in a special way.  Many kids came who we have not seen for a while.  God arranged “divine appointments” when we took them to visit believers and seekers in the community.  One of the team members had experience in helping people get free of addictions.  He was a great help to us in knowing how to care for Nought and his family at this time.   The 300 students at the local elementary school heard a clear presentation of the Gospel during the “English Camp” that the team made possible.  The two team members who are on their church’s worship team were a great blessing to our developing worship team.  The whole team was very well prepared and a wonderful blessing.  Please pray now as we continue to do follow-up.  Enjoy the short video of some of the highlights.


  1. Congratulations to our mother church pastoral couple, Pastor Sukprasan and Eve, on the birth of their daughter, Aileen, on November 28.  Both mom and baby are healthy.  Pray for Eve’s recovery and for baby Aileen to continue to grow strong.

    Pastor Sukprasan, Eve and baby Aileen

    Pastor Sukprasan, Eve and baby Aileen


  1. Please pray for the upcoming Christmas outreaches of the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church. Friday, Dec. 22, we will be doing a Christmas outreach at a local high school with 200 students. Saturday, Dec. 23, is our Saturday Kid’s Club Christmas outreach.  We expect 20-30 children to join us.  Then on Sunday, Dec. 24, we will have our Christmas outreach for everyone.  Pray that many will join us and hear the true meaning of Christmas.  Pray that some will choose to put their trust in Jesus.


  1. Please continue to pray for our new believers that they will all grow strong in the faith. Some are facing difficult situations.  Pray that we will have wisdom as we disciple and mentor them.


One Response to Praise and Prayer Requests – December 2017

  1. Heidi Hanus says:

    Praise God and congratulations to Pastor and Eve!!! What great news!

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