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Praise and Prayer Requests – January 2018

Posted by danneker on January 4th, 2018 | 2 comments

  1. Manao, the 15 year old teenager who asked Jesus to be her Savior at our Saturday Kid’s Club Christmas outreach, continues to come to church with Bale (see prayer request #2). Praise God, Bale is now eagerly discipling Manao! Ed and I were able to visit Manao’s parents over the New Year’s holiday.  Her mother seemed quite receptive to the gospel and was very positive about Manao coming to church and hanging out with Bale.  She has seen the positive changes in Bale’s life.  Please pray that Manao grows in her new faith.  Pray that God continues to equip Bale in discipling this new believer.  Pray that God will draw Manao’s entire family to Himself.

    Manao (front row, center) with Bale (in light blue)

    Manao (front row, center) with Bale (in light blue)


  1. Update on Bale: after trusting in Jesus in March 2016 and growing well in the faith, she began to stray in January 2017. She wandered back into her “old life” and came to church only sporadically for almost 6 months.  But God worked in her heart and pulled her from the pit.  Thank you so much for praying for her through her valley.  She and I are now working through material to understand “Who am I in Christ” for continued victory over her old self. Bale is now selling snacks to school children and studying a high school equivalency program.  Pray that the Lord continues to help her stay on the straight and narrow path.

    Bale helping Sue with Christmas preparations

    Bale helping Sue with Christmas preparations


  1. Ta (see Nov 2017 post) is growing well in the faith. She has been a delight for me (Sue) to disciple.  Pray for strength as she cares for her elderly parents and her nephew Nought.  Nought, however, seems to be 50-50 in his faith.  He still needs lots of prayer for victory (and the desire for victory) over the addictions in his life.  He spent close to two months at a center to help him in this process.  He mentioned God a lot during those two months.  But it has been a struggle for him since coming back home just before Christmas.  Pray that he grows in his faith and wholeheartedly surrenders to Jesus.   Pray for Ed, our teammate Brian, and the Thai men of the church as they come alongside Nought at this time.


  1. Please pray as our church planting team makes plans for the new year. Pray that God will continue to raise up the Thai leadership for the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church.  Pray specifically for a Thai pastor and a Thai treasurer for the church.


Thank you so much for your partnership with us that helps us share the wonderful news of our Savior who came to earth.  Your faithful prayers and gifts to the Great Commission Fund of the C&MA upholds us as we serve the Lord here in Thailand.  You can contribute to this fund through a local C&MA church.  You can also contribute online by going to  www.cmalliance.org/give  and typing in “Ed Danneker”.  Four category choices will appear: “Support”, “Work”, “Outfit”, and “Vehicle.”  “Support” is the most important fund.  It pays our living allowance, rent, insurance, travel, and provides for our ministry.  “Work” helps fund ministry expenses beyond what is provided in “support”.  “Outfit” is for setting up house.  Then “vehicle” is so we can get a newer car.  Our current one is over ten years old and has over 200,000 hard city kilometers on it…and it is starting to act its age.  Thank you again in advance for your kindness and generosity.

2 Responses to Praise and Prayer Requests – January 2018

  1. Steve Cutter says:

    So glad to hear updates….we will join you in prayer.

  2. Cindy Lee says:

    Wonderful to see that work is as busy as ever in Thailand. Many blessings are being filled. It brings Joy to my heart as well to share the news with our Missions team. Next month is about giving to the GCF. I will include this as part of story to be shared. Since you have been to our church a few years ago, it is wonderful to known that personal giving needs are most needed. Thanks for sharing and keep running the race. We are here for prayer and support. 🙂

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