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Some Christmas Fruit

Posted by danneker on January 28th, 2018 | 2 comments

(Bale discipling Manao)

“A young person from the area of the local high school where we did the Christmas outreach is coming to church today”, Sittichai told us Sunday morning, January 14.  “She contacted me on Facebook to find out where the church is located.”  Praise God, some fruit from the outreach event!  I joyfully welcomed Ploy as she entered the church.  I had assumed she was one of the high school students that participated in our church’s Christmas program.  But as we talked, I learned she used to attend the school.  Now in eleventh grade at a vocational high school about 30 km away, she needed “community service” hours and volunteered to help with the Christmas program we were doing for her old high school. “I was the one who served you the welcome fruit drinks,” Ploy told me.

Manao, the ninth grade gal who accepted the Lord at the children’s Christmas outreach, had been a little hesitant to come to church this Sunday since her friend Bale started back at the Sunday morning high school equivalency class.  Manao thought she would be the only teenager in church.  But finally she agreed for Ed and me to pick her up.  I introduced her to Ploy.  Manao eagerly sat with Ploy during the worship service.

During the fellowship lunch, I sat near Manao and Ploy and started sharing the Gospel with Ploy.  Bale soon arrived.  I invited her to join the conversation.  After introductions, Bale began to share her testimony with Ploy.  After a while, Nun (another church member) came over and encouraged Ploy to start reading the New Testament I had given her.  Ploy told me that this was the first time she had ever been to church.

Praise God for Ploy.  Pray that she will soon come to saving faith in Jesus.  Praise God for Manao.  Pray that she will continue growing in her faith.  And praise God for Bale who is back walking the straight and narrow.  Bale is now discipling Manao in the basics of being a follower of Jesus.  This is particularly exciting for me to see someone I discipled now discipling someone else.  Pray that God will give Bale wisdom as she teaches Manao.

2 Responses to Some Christmas Fruit

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    Yes, that is exciting to have the one you discipled discipling someone. May God work both their lives and in Ploy’s life as well. Blessings to you.

  2. Susan Roller says:

    Praying for Ploy, Manao, Bale and you, Sue & Ed!
    Thanks for writing this for us all!

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