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Nong Baw is Moving

Posted by danneker on March 5th, 2018 | Leave a comment

Sittichai and Nong Baw

Sittichai and Nong Baw

“You won’t have many children to teach during the school break,” Nun said while I was visiting with her at her hair salon. The Thai school summer break runs from mid-March to mid-May each year – the hottest time of the year here.  “Min and her older sister Mint will spend the summer with their mom in the north of Thailand, like they do each summer.  But they’ll be back to live with their dad once school starts in May,” she continued, “But Baw is moving to live with another relative.”  “Nong Baw!”  My heart skipped a beat.  This precious second grader who dearly loves the Lord, the “philosopher” (see “Nong Baw” post June 2017), how could it be?  Nun began to explain…

Nong Baw, like most of the children in my Saturday kid’s Club, has a non-typical family situation.  He has been raised by a maternal great-grandfather and his wife since he was born.  They have struggled to provide for him.  Their health has also started to deteriorate to the point that once Nong Baw asked Aunty Nun if she would raise him if his great-grandfather died.  Aunty Nun, though not an actual relative, assured Nong Baw she would.

Then, a few weeks ago, another maternal relative offered to raise Nong Baw.  They are currently raising a cousin of Nong Baw’s who is a few years older.  They would like to raise the two children together.   His great-grandfather said he would let Nong Baw decide for himself.  So this new grandfather and grandmother, whom Nong Baw just met, brought him out to their home several hours away for a long weekend.  Nong Baw loved it.  He was fed three meals a day.  This couple is a lot younger than great-grandfather.  He liked the cousin.  They even had a computer.  “And best of all, a relative took me to church on Sunday! This relative goes every Sunday!”  Nong Baw exclaimed.  “There were lots of kids at this church, and lots of adults, and I could answer the Sunday school teacher’s question.  The church is pretty close to their home. I could easily go every Sunday,” Nong Baw said.  He decided to move.  These relatives then quickly did all the paper work for transferring Nong Baw to the new school.  Sometime in March, Nong Baw will be at his new home.

When the other children in my kid’s club heard the news, they responded with a variety of questions.  “Won’t you miss us?  Won’t you miss Aunty Nun?” they asked.  “Don’t worry; I’ll come for a visit during the school break,” Nong Baw assured his friends he has known his whole life. “But if you wait too long and come back as a teenager, Aunty Nun might be dead already,” one of them said.  “Then I will see her when it is my time to go to heaven,” Nong Baw said.  “Are you sure you are going to heaven?” Nun asked him.  “Yes, I am sure.  I believe in Jesus,” Nong Baw assured Nun.

Oh Lord, help me to faithfully teach these precious children.  You have blessed me with them for such a short time.  Give me wisdom, patience and strength.  They grow up so quickly.  May each child love You with all their heart and walk in Your ways all their days.


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