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Praise and Prayer Requests – April 2018

Posted by danneker on April 5th, 2018 | 3 comments

  1. Praise God, the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church celebrated its first anniversary as a church on March 11.  The pastor of our mother church along with several church leaders joined us.  It was a very God-honoring time as many of our members testified to God’s goodness and faithfulness during the past year.


  1. Praise God, Joe and Hydie Aguilar, our missionary colleagues, will be joining the Baan Paeo Church Planting team when they return from their home assignment in April.  They are from the Philippines. Pray that God will help us find the perfect home for them to rent in Baan Paeo.  God knows who their neighbors should be.


  1. Praise God, Nun’s son Frame was released from prison on April 5. We had a service and dinner at church with round 25 people that afternoon to welcome him back and welcome him to the family of God.  Frame did accept the Lord Jesus as his Savior while he was in prison.  Pray now that he will walk close to Jesus and grow in his faith.  Pray that God will lead him to the right job.IMG_5915


  1. Our church members in Baan Paeo will be joining our mother church members on April 21-22 for “Church Camp”.  Please pray for all the planning and preparations, for good fellowship together, and that everyone will be refreshed in the Lord.


  1. Sittichai, the Bible school student who serves here on the weekends, has a burden to see our members out sharing their faith in a more organized way. He has proposed evangelism teams.  Please pray as he begins training for those interested in evangelism at the end of April.  We will actually begin going out as teams the first Saturday of May.  Pray for fruit that will last.


  1. We will be taking a week’s vacation and visiting our daughter Laura in Hong Kong at the end of April. Laura is teaching music at the International Christian School of Hong Kong.   We are looking forward to some down time and being able to enjoy some of the concerts Laura will be conducting.  Pray for safety in travels and for a relaxing time together.


3 Responses to Praise and Prayer Requests – April 2018

  1. Steve Cutter says:

    Praising God and praying for you all. Welcome Joe and Hydie!

  2. Mike Friedl says:

    EdSue- You are remember by River Valley and are spoken of and prayed for often.

  3. Gail Ropp says:

    So glad to read your letters and hav e you on my prayer list

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