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Church Camp

Posted by danneker on May 6th, 2018 | 2 comments

Full of excitement, twenty-three of us piled into the chartered bus parked near the church in Baan Paeo, on Saturday morning, April 21.  We left promptly at 8 AM, driving a half hour to our mother church to pick up anyone not driving to camp in a private car.  Members at the mother church had prepared lots of refreshments for everyone on the bus for our 2 ½ hour drive to the resort located along a river in the mountains southwest of Bangkok.  The much anticipated Church Camp had begun, with close to 60 people ranging in age from a few months to over seventy.

The two days were packed with inspiring worship, challenging messages from the Word, and wonderful fellowship.

Bale and Ahn (in blue) with other teens at camp

Bale and Ahn (in blue) with other teens at camp

We especially praise God that Ahn and Frame went to camp.  If you remember, Ahn (Bale’s longtime boyfriend) has been away from the Lord for more than a year. Because we live very near him, we have been able to keep in touch with him during this time.  In recent months, he has brought Bale to church, but he himself has not been interested in joining her.  About a month before camp, he was at the church entrance, letting Bale off the motorcycle, when I asked him if he would be coming to Church Camp.  Much to everyone’s delight he said YES!  Bale has been praying hard that Ahn will come back to the Lord.  At camp, we saw the Ahn we all knew who accepted the Lord two years ago.  Ahn attended all the sessions, talked freely about the Lord to everyone, and was even concerned for a new believer telling Ed and me we need to teach this new believer the discipleship material.  “He seems confused about many things.  He doesn’t seem to understand who God is,” Ahn said to us.  Many people encouraged Ahn to start over with the Lord.  PLEASE PRAY that this new spark in Ahn’s spiritual life will be fanned into flames again.

Frame with his mom, Nun, at camp

Frame with his mom, Nun, at camp

Frame is Nun’s youngest son who was recently released from prison.  He had come to faith in Jesus while he was in prison, primarily through the witness of his mother and seeing God help him in so many ways.  When I heard of the possible early release date of April 5, I told Nun that Church Camp would be ideal for Frame to start his Christian walk outside the prison walls.  He would be able to meet young people his age and experience real Christian community.  Nun was at first not sure she would even go to camp.  But after thinking about what I said, she said she would take Frame to camp if he was really released.  Frame was released, but we were disappointed when Nun said she would not be going to camp.  Then only a few days before the camp, Nun had a dream which convinced her to take Frame to Church Camp.  It was wonderful to see him experience the family of God.  He was blessed by the speaker and the fellowship.  Ed and Joe have begun to disciple him.  PLEASE PRAY that Frame stays steadfast in his new walk with the Lord.

Thank you for all your prayers for our Church Camp.

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  1. Doris Jensen says:

    What a great ‘bunch’ at camp!! Praying for Uhn and Frame to walk in the truth and stand firm in the faith.

  2. Mike Friedl says:

    thanks EdSue

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