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Praise and Prayer Requests – June 2018

Posted by danneker on June 3rd, 2018 | 2 comments

  1. Praise God, the first truck load of things went into storage at our mission office in Bangkok. The second and final load will be in two weeks.  It is quite an interesting process packing up a house.  Ed and I still use the old “mission” furniture: solid wood, mostly teak, made to order some 50 or more years ago by our missionary predecessors.  It is well made and very heavy.  Some missionary colleagues find furnished houses, or else don’t want to bother with the heavy mission furniture and/or prefers newer things.  But we are nostalgic.  When we move, we wrap the furniture in burlap, securing it with plastic rope.  It is quite a mess, but it really protects the old furniture both on the truck we hire and in the storage room.  Then we put the non-furniture things that we want to keep in 55 gallon metal barrels. The barrels nicely keep everything out: moisture, bugs, mice, etc.  It was how we shipped to Thailand 26 years ago in the pre-container days.  The barrels are also quite heavy, so we also hire three “lifters.”  Please pray for endurance in this stifling heat as we plug away at the task at hand.  Pray too for Mr. Bee.  We have hired his truck for all of our moves for the last ten years.  Ed has been able to witness to him over these years.  Pray that he opens his heart to Jesus.


  1. Praise God, Sittichai has agreed to serve full time at the church for his summer Bible school break (June and July). Then in mid-August he will go back to serving on the weekends.  He gets along really well with Joe and Hydie.  Joe has already begun to mentor him.  Sittichai has one more year of Bible School and then a year internship.  We are hoping he will do his internship in Baan Paeo.  Actually, we would love for him to stay right here in Baan Paeo and become our pastor.  Please pray for God’s will.

    Sittichai with the Kid's Club

    Sittichai with the Kid’s Club


  1. We decided to sell the old car we have been using for the last eleven years. Pray that God will provide what we need in addition to the proceeds from the sale to get a newer car when we return to Thailand in June 2019.  Gifts for our vehicle fund are tax deductible and can be sent to The Christian and Missionary Alliance via their website: https://www.cmalliance.org/  and designating the gift for “Danneker vehicle fund”


  1. Please continue to pray for the Great Commission Fund (GCF) of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. The GCF provides what we and the C&MA International Workers around the world need to serve the Lord.  It provides our living allowance, ministry funds, travel to and from the field, insurance, etc.  Gifts to this fund are also tax deductible and can be given through your local C&MA church or directly to our support through The Christian and Missionary Alliance via their website: https://www.cmalliance.org/  Thank you in advance for your generosity.

2 Responses to Praise and Prayer Requests – June 2018

  1. Darin Chin says:

    You guys are awesome. Praise God for your faithfulness! When will you be returning to the US. Would love to get together with you guys.

  2. Doris Jensen says:

    May God provide as you continue to pack and store you belongings and then head back to the US. May God bless your home assignment year and may you be refreshed by spending some time with friends and family.

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