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Thai Believers Learn To Share Their Faith

Posted by danneker on November 9th, 2018 | 2 comments

Blessed to bless!  2 Timothy 2:2 in action!  Ten believers at the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church are joining with five members from their mother church, the Mahapawn Living Water Church, for four weeks of special training in how to share their faith more effectively.  Pastor Sukprasan, from the mother church, will be the main coach, assisted by Sittichai (Bible School student serving at Baan Paeo) and the church planting team.  Beginning this Saturday, November 10, and for the next three Saturdays, these 15 people plan to meet, learn more about how to succinctly share the good news of Jesus, complete with role play, and then in smaller teams visit contacts in the community.  Many of the ideas will come from Evangelism Explosion 3, with a Thai perspective.  PLEASE PRAY.  From experience, it seems every time evangelism is emphasized, Satan steps up the opposition.  Pray for protection of all the participants.  Pray that each one who has signed up will be able to attend all the sessions.  Pray that they will be able to succinctly share the good news of Jesus.  Pray that they will not get discouraged in any way.  Pray for the trainers and assistants, that God will equip them.  Pray for those they contact in the community, that they will welcome the visits.  Pray for the working of the Holy Spirit to draw more Thai people to true saving faith in Jesus.  Thank you!

2 Responses to Thai Believers Learn To Share Their Faith

  1. Mike Friedl says:


  2. Doris Jensen says:

    Yes, this is exciting. May God protect and work in and through these 15.

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