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A Delightful Surprise

Posted by danneker on December 7th, 2018 | 4 comments

I was in the middle of my normal morning routine when I was startled by the phone ringing.  Wow!  A video call from Bale in Thailand!  “Hello Ajarn Sue, how are you?”  Bale went on to explain she was hosting the cell group that Friday evening at her home.  (Thailand is 12 hours ahead of us in Pennsylvania.)  As she panned the group with her phone, there must have been 15 people sitting in a big circle on the floor of her home enjoying a meal together.  One by one they greeted us.

“I miss you and pray for you every day,” said Nun, the hairdresser.  After she got a good look at me she asked, “What happened to your hair?  Why is it just hanging so straight?”  “No humidity here to make it curl,” I replied.  “You come back to Thailand and I’ll take care of your hair,” Nun offered.

“We were able to pay off our debt!  So now I don’t have to pour concrete roads and I can be more involved at church,” Nok chimed in as her grandson “Run-run” jumped up and down photo bombing and her husband Rung smiled and waved.

“Hello! Hello!” others called out.  “Is it cold there?”  “It’s around 35 degrees Fahrenheit right now,” we replied.  “It’s like 95 degrees here,” they answered.

“Do you remember me?” asked Mae Pranom and Jay-Muay, two of our older members.  “Of course!” we replied.  Then dear Muay smiled and waved.  She was looking amazingly well.  After surviving that horrible motorcycle accident several years ago, God has helped her slowly heal and turn her life around.

“I want to introduce you to our new teenager.” Bale said.  “I will tell you where he came from.  Manao (the other teenage gal at the church) and I were really burdened that our youth group would grow.  So, around a month ago, I went to the church building around 4:30 AM one day and prayed for hours that God would bring in more youth.  I was there at least until 6 AM.  Then I met Tum on the basketball court near my home.  He is 15 years old.  I had him teach me basketball, and I played basketball, even though I hate playing sports.  I am no good at sports.  But as I talked with Tum, I knew he was the answer to our prayers.  Tum asked Jesus into his life and he started to come to church.  But his parents are very against him being a Christian.  Pastor Sukprasan (pastor of our mother church) is reviving Evangelism Explosion (EE) here in Baan Paeo.  Last weekend, the EE team visited Tum’s grandmother who is sick.  Praise God, she wanted to ask Jesus to be her Savior.  Now Manao and I are encouraging Tum in his new faith.” Tum then smiled and waved.

“And both of Ahn’s parents joined the worship this evening!” Bale exclaimed.  But Ahn (her boyfriend who had previously walked with Jesus) didn’t attend.  He is still keeping his distance from God.  Ahn’s parents, though not yet trusting in Jesus, are opening their hearts bit by bit.

After another time around the room with the video call, “Miss you!” “When are you coming back to Thailand?” (June-Lord willing), the call ended.

Ed and I marvel that of those 15 people in that room, only three had already been Christians in July 2015 when we moved to Baan Paeo to begin church planting there.  We only knew one of the three at that time.  Now most of those dear people in that room that night are walking with the Lord and several are close to knowing him.  Isn’t God good!  Please pray that God continues to move and bring more Thai to saving faith in Him.


EXCITING UPDATE:  The day after that video call, the EE team went to visit with Ahn’s parents.  His dad, Manop, was ready to trust in Jesus!  Manop was in church the next day for Sunday worship.  Please pray for him as he grows in the faith.  Pray that Ahn will come back to the Lord and that his mom will soon trust in Jesus as well.

Praying for Manop at church

Pastor Sukprasan, Lek, Manop, Joe, Rung


4 Responses to A Delightful Surprise

  1. Ann says:

    This is such exciting news!!! The seeds you are sowing are taking root and bearing fruit!!!

  2. Su says:

    What a blessed Christmas gift from your Thai family! I will pray for them, and for you two missing them all! Enjoy your Christmas celebrations here!

  3. Doris Jensen says:

    So much good news! May the seeds continue to sprout and produce good fruit that lasts.

  4. Nancy Singer says:

    It is marvelous how the Lord is working through your faithful work with these dear people. We need a real moving of our Lord in their midst to draw more of them to Himself.

    God bless you and Merry Christmas as it will soon be here. With my love for all of you.
    Nancy S.

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