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April 2019 Prayer Update

Posted by danneker on April 7th, 2019 | 2 comments


March was a full month of missions’ conferences.  Fellowshipping with many ladies at the Great Commission Women’s Retreat was a highlight for Sue.  We feel so blessed to be a part of the Eastern PA District of the C&MA family.  We have felt the love and support from each church we were privileged to visit throughout the year.

We ended the month with a chance to be fed spiritually and get some training.  First, we attended the “Soul Care Equipping Conference” held at the Glenview Alliance Church, 2 miles from our home.  Dr. Rob Reimer, author of the “Soul Care” book, challenged and engaged us in the journey for a healthy soul.  Both of us want all the freedom and fullness of Christ.  Then we were able to attend a “Strength Deployment Inventory Training” out at the Central District of the C&MA office in Ohio.  This was designed to help us have more self-awareness about our strengths and what really motivates us.  Both of us want to be more effective in working with others in teams on the mission field.

April brings us to the “home stretch”.  We have three more mission conferences.  Please pray for us to finish well.  Pray that each church will be challenged to be more engaged in Christ’s Great Commission and that our messages remain fresh.  Ask for the Lord’s anointing on our words.  We will be at the Big Valley Alliance Church (Belleville, PA) from Sat. 4/13 – Sun. 4/14; the Mifflinburg Church of the C&MA from Fri. 4/26 – Sun 4/28; and Ed will share at the Shamokin Dam C&MA Church (Selinsgrove, PA) on Sunday 4/28 while Sue stays at Mifflinburg.



Ed and I are looking forward to attending the Alliance Council in Orlando, Florida from May 28-June 2, as well as a few pre-council events.  This bi-annual event is open to anyone in the Alliance family.  Please know, you are invited too!  It is a time to celebrate what God is doing in our midst and seek His heart for where He is leading us next.  John Stumbo, our U.S. C&MA President, asks “Please pray with me that the Holy Spirit’s presence will welcome us as we gather to seek His renewing work within, among, and through us.”

For more information go to http://bit.ly/cma-iw-promo



Several people have asked us about the 2018 Year-end Offering, if the 60 new workers could be sent.  Here is a report we received: “Because of the strong response to the 2018 Year-end Offering, the C&MA Board of Directors was already able to approve 50 of the 60 new workers to be sent in 2019. However, we still face significant financial challenges as we move forward. A strong response to the 2019 Great Commission Day Offering, themed ‘We Are Sending,’ will ensure that all 60 will be sent to live and minister among some of the world’s remaining least-reached peoples.”  Please be in prayer about this and thank you in advance for your generosity.



We head back to Thailand the last week of June.  Please pray that the Lord gives us strength, wisdom and grace as we begin to pack up this lovely home where we have been blessed to live in this year.  It has been an oasis in the midst of a busy year.  Our goal is to have everything we are keeping here in the USA in storage, and our suitcases packed, before our daughter comes to the USA for her summer vacation.  That way we can enjoy the week before we leave with her just doing fun things.  Our son will join us for some of that time too.

Pray that God will then lead us to the right home to rent once we return to Thailand.  He knows who our neighbors should be.  We anticipate working with the network of daughter churches that we have been involved with over the years, perhaps even starting the next daughter church.  Pray for God’s wisdom and direction.


Thank you so much for your prayers for us.  Thank you also for your generosity in giving to the Great Commission Fund of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  This fund provides what we need financially to serve the Lord.  Gifts to this fund are tax deductible and can be given through your local C&MA church or directly to our support through the C&MA website:  https://www.cmalliance.org/give   We greatly appreciate all you do to help us serve in Thailand.

Love in Christ,

Ed and Sue Danneker




2 Responses to April 2019 Prayer Update

  1. Dawn and Doug Enck says:

    Dear Ed and Sue,

    The Lord has spoken through you in so many ways, and we will pray for your schedule ahead. Thank you, Sue, for your vital message about the baby in the delivery room. Thank you, Ed, for the “brochures” you gifted to a local restaurant owner. Even here at home while in a restaurant, you are being used to advance His Kingdom.

    You are a precious, valued, couple who sacrifices much, and we are so grateful. May He continue to bless His ministry through you.

    With much continued prayer,

    Dawn and Doug

  2. Frances Kobbe says:

    Happy Easter ! He Has Risen

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