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May 2019 Prayer Update

Posted by danneker on May 6th, 2019 | 5 comments

Thankful! As we look back.

Very thankful!  That’s how Ed and I are feeling right now as we reflect on this year in the USA on home assignment.  When we returned last June, we were welcomed to a lovely home in southern York County, PA.   All our things were already moved out of storage and put into the home, ready for us to unpack.   The pantry shelves were stocked with items donated by members of our home church, the Glenview Alliance Church.  This is one of the nicest places we have been privileged to live in for home assignment in our 27 year of ministry as International Workers (IWs).

In the driveway was a very nice four-year old Chevy Malibu waiting for us to use for the year, graciously supplied by the “Missionary Wheels” ministry of the Spring Grove C&MA Church.  The car has served us well as we have traveled many, many miles to visit more than 40 churches in Eastern PA, plus visits with family and friends.

In the mail were two smart phones complete with service for the year waiting for us, generously provided by “MissionTel,” an organization which lends cell phones to IWs while stateside.

We had many special times with our children, extended family members, and close friends throughout the year.

And the churches of Eastern Pennsylvania are amazing!  Each one we were privileged to visit for their missions’ conference welcomed us with open arms.  We feel very loved and supported by the Alliance Family.


Thankful!  As we look ahead.

We are very thankful that we have been cleared to return to Thailand at the end of June 2019 to begin our seventh “term” as IWs.  Our “term” had been four years on the field and one year in the USA, in the beginning of our ministry in Thailand.  Now our “term” is for three years on the field followed by one year in the USA.  We are feeling excited, humbled, maybe a little nervous, but already thankful for the honor of joining in what God is doing in Thailand, specifically in the western part of the greater Bangkok metropolitan area.

Thailand, a country a little bigger than California, has 69 million people.  Bangkok is the political, cultural, and economic center of the country.  Bangkok and the five surrounding provinces have 14.6 million people. That means one out of every five Thai people lives in the Bangkok metropolitan area.

Thailand has freedom of religion.  Over 90% of the Thai people are Buddhist and more than 5 % are Muslim.  Still less than 1 % are Christian.

We have been focusing on Samut Sakhon Province which is directly to the west of Bangkok.  This province is only 0.26% Christian (statistics from E-Star Foundation). But we praise God for the churches that are growing there.  The light of the Gospel is shining brighter. We anticipate serving with the family of churches that we have been privileged to help start in this region of the country.  Perhaps God will allow us the honor of helping to start a fifth daughter church.


Prayer Requests

  1. Please continue to pray for strength and wisdom as we pack up, put stuff in storage, and say our goodbyes over the next few weeks. Transition is never fun.  I (Sue) am a nester, and when the nest is in chaos, I feel very unsettled.  Pray for grace!


  1. Pray for COUNCIL 2019.    The Alliance family is gathering in Orlando, Florida, on May 28–June 2.  You are invited to join the Alliance family as we gather in Orlando, Florida, to celebrate what God is doing in our midst and seek His heart as we move Beyond. For more information go to http://bit.ly/cma-iw-promo.


  1. Great Commission Day is a special focus during May in our Alliance family, when many make special gifts to our work. This year, a generous donor will match every gift, up to a total of $500,000! Please consider making a special gift during the GC Day offering at your Alliance church, or by giving online at https://www.cmalliance.org/resources/church/2019/gcd. Thank you!


We wish we could thank each of you in person for your ongoing partnership with us through your faithful prayers and your generous gifts to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  The GCF is corporately raised and supplies what we and IWs across the globe need financially to serve the Lord.  Gifts to this fund are tax deductible and can be given through your local C&MA church or directly to our support through the C&MA website:  https://www.cmalliance.org/give  May God bless you.

Love in Christ,

Ed and Sue Danneker

5 Responses to May 2019 Prayer Update

  1. Mike Friedl says:


  2. Su says:

    So glad I got to see you a couple of times over the year.
    I’ll be praying for you as you return to Thailand!

  3. Su says:

    I will be praying for you as you return to Thailand!

  4. Duane Wheeland says:

    Great update Ed and Sue! Praying for your remaining time here in the US.

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