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It’s good to be back in Thailand!

Posted by danneker on July 6th, 2019 | 5 comments

What a great way to celebrate our birthdays – with our friends in Baan Paeo!

Our flight back was fine, just spiced up a bit by delays making for very short stops in airports to change planes. This had us almost running in two airports to reach the gates in time to board.  Once we landed, amazingly on time, our field director picked us up and whisked us to the Alliance Mission Home.  The morning rush hour traffic gave us an extra hour in the van to visit with our field director and begin to catch up on all that’s happened in the last year.

We are using the Lindsay’s car (they just started their home assignment) until we are able to buy one ourselves.  That makes it convenient to start to do errands. First, we drove out to Mahachai to visit with Pastor Sukprasan (our mother church pastor) and his wife Eve and adorable daughter Aileen, now 18 months old.  What a sweet time of fellowship, catching up, hearing the news and discussing how we might be used of God this term.  We are very excited to bring Rob Reimer’s “Soul Care” concepts to Thailand.  Pastor Sukprasan is very, very interested too.  He will help us begin to translate the concepts so that the Thai Christians can experience the freedom that Ed and I have experienced since the Soul Care Equipping conference at the end of March.

Pastor Sukprasan, Aileen, Eve

After a nice lunch with Pastor Sukprasan’s family, we drove out to Baan Paeo and met our former landlord.  After seeing our former house, we agreed to rent it again. Our landlord had only been able to rent it for five months while we were in the USA and then waited for our decision before offering it to others.  Thank you, Jesus!  Definitely a record for us – to have a home after only two days back in country.  Often, we are driving around looking for something for weeks.  We’ll get the A/C and internet installed then move in after our Field Forum in mid-July.

Then we stopped by the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church.  Worship practice was going on at the church.  As I peeked my head in the door, Bale and Manao screamed then cried as we hugged each other.  It’s so good to be back and see these two precious teenagers not only still walking with the Lord, but now serving Him more.  We learned Manao will be baptized on July 7 along with Pranom (the lady in her late 80’s who came to faith a few months before we left for our home assignment).


Then of course we had to pop in and see Nun, the hairdresser.  She was the first new believer in Baan Paeo who opened her beauty shop up for us to meet in each week that first year for a local cell group.  She has continued to be a pillar in this new church which has now met for Sunday worship for a little over two years now.  After tears and hugs all around, Nun said, “Belle said you’d be here this weekend, but I didn’t think you would.  The children ask about you all the time.  They want to know if you are in Thailand yet.  I’ve been telling them for the last week that you are still up in the airplane traveling here.”  Nun was able to expand her little beauty salon.  She’s now renting the room next store to her little shop and got permission to break a door through the wall between the two shops.

Sunday, June 30, Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church was rocking.  So good to see the members we knew already.  The children all wanted to make sure I remembered their names.  Then we met the ten people from other churches in the outlying areas who have been attending this church recently.   Pray for wisdom for us as we learn their stories.

One wonderful surprise was to see Bly, Nun’s nephew, return.  He has been back to church for just a few weeks now.  Bly had come to faith in our Saturday Kid’s club when he was in sixth grade. But in seventh grade, he got away from the Lord.  He is now in tenth grade and showing interest again.  Ed will start to disciple him on Sunday.  Thank you, Lord, for this second opportunity to invest in this young man’s life!  And the coolest “God thing” is Bly and his family live in the target area where Pastor Sukprasan would like us to help him start the next daughter church!  Wow.  Go God!  We’ll be primarily developing the church in Baan Paeo this term.  The church still needs a Thai pastor, the finances totally in the Thai hands, and lay leaders/elders who can be on a church committee.  But we’ll be able to do initial outreach into the new area too.

Ann at the podium

Sunday afternoon we joined Pastor Sukprasan at the Mahapawn Living Water Church in Mahachai.  What a blessing to see Ann lead Spirit anointed worship.  She had come to faith back in 2013 a few months after we met her on a prayer walk with a short-term team from PA and has really grown in the Lord.  Many of you may have seen her testimony on the C&MA website video “A Sinner Like Me”.  This church has seen some kingdom growth with several new believers now being discipled.

Our visa and work permit renewal went smoothly.  Thank you for praying.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that we will quickly settle into our home:  getting our stuff out of storage and setting up house.  We are looking at July 22 for the final move.

Pray that God will give us special anointing as we have been asked to start teaching and preaching this month.  We had hoped to begin in August, but our missionary colleagues, the Aguilars, who have helped at Baan Paeo while we were gone, are moving up-country at the end of July. They are packing as we are unpacking.  So, everyone is in transition.

Pray for a good Field Forum for our Thailand Field.  It will be from July 15 – 19. It is a time for spiritual renewal and fellowship with our fellow missionaries.


Thank you for all your prayers for us.  Our God hears and answers!  Thank you also for your generous support to the Great Commission Fund of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.  These funds supply our living allowance and ministry funds.  We appreciate all you do to help us financially.  You can go to https://www.cmalliance.org/give type in our name and select “support.” Or you can give to the GCF through your local C&MA church.

Love in Christ,

Ed and Sue Danneker

5 Responses to It’s good to be back in Thailand!

  1. Steve Cutter says:

    Praise the Lord for His grace and goodness! See you all soon…

  2. Jay Harvey says:

    Your transition back into country was obviously God-blessed! Praise be to Him! It looks like you will hit the ground running and will need prayer support! Glenview will do our part, and I know others will join us! My heart leaped as you described the people we spent time with. Blessings to all of our brothers and sisters half a world away!

  3. Mike Friedl says:


  4. Doris Jensen says:

    Glad to hear your ‘home coming’ was so joyful and hopeful. And thanking God for opening up your ‘old’ home to be your new home so quickly. May you indeed have God’s anointing as you jump into ministry in Thailand once again.

  5. Su Roller says:

    Glad you arrived safe and sound & have ‘your place’ to live in again!! Praying for the needs you mentioned, Sue & Ed!

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