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Jesus Heard Nong Baw’s Prayer

Posted by danneker on August 4th, 2019 | 1 comment

Ed teaching Nong Bam and Nong Baw

“Does anyone have something to thank Jesus for?” the cell group facilitator asked.  Nong Baw’s hand shot up, “I’m thankful Jesus heard my prayers and let me come home again!”  “What happened?”, I asked.

Nong Baw, now in fourth grade, was the only child attending the small cell group gathered at Nun’s hair salon that Friday night.  Nun began to fill in the story.  “You remember before you left last year, Nong Baw’s relatives were trying to get him to live with them in another province more than an hour away.  At first, Nong Baw agreed after that first weekend visit when they fed him well, promised him a cell phone and let him go to church (See “Nong Baw is Moving” 2018/03/05 post). We had a farewell for him and everything. But then Nong Baw changed his mind.  His great grandmother Ba-Tim who has raised him from birth, was thrilled he chose to stay with her and his great grandfather.  Well, these distant relatives kept trying to entice Nong Baw to come and live with them.  So Nong Baw agreed at the beginning of the Thai summer school break for another visit.”  (The Thai summer is from mid-March to mid-May.)

“Yeah, but it wasn’t how they said,” Nong Baw added. “They gave me very little to eat, no cell phone, and made me work.  I couldn’t contact my grandmother.  When she called to see if I was okay, I had to say “yes”, or they would beat me.  I couldn’t escape.  I prayed to Jesus and cried every night in the shower.”

Jesus heard Nong Baw’s prayer for help.  Grandma Ba-Tim somehow knew on her own that all was not well.  After the Thai summer was over, she made Nong Baw’s birth mom (her granddaughter) go and get Nong Baw and bring him back to her.

“My friends here said I was a fool to go a second time.  But I thought it was just for the weekend.”  Nong Baw said.  “But Jesus heard my prayers and let me come home again.”

His distant relatives pretended they wanted Nong Baw to live with them as a son, but they only wanted him as a worker.  They had him lift heavy water jugs eight hours a day for those two months at their water processing factory.  “I only got a break for lunch,” Nong Baw said.  “Did they pay you?” I inquired.  “Yes, 60 baht a day (about two US dollars a day).”  “And that children’s meeting I had attended was not a church.  They did not teach anything about Jesus!”, Nong Baw added.

I was horrified that this kind of thing could happen to Nong Baw.  He had been part of the Saturday Kid’s club from almost the beginning.  He’s the most faithful child attending church and comes to cell group when it is near his home.  He loves Jesus and now loves Him even more.

Psalm 10:17-18     “You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, in order that man, who is of the earth, may terrify no more.”


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