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Hungry for Jesus

Posted by danneker on September 3rd, 2019 | 3 comments

Tukta came to our home on that rainy Monday night to see if I was home.  “My friend is distraught,” she told Ed as he answered the door, “I want to bring her over to your house in a few minutes to talk to Ajarn Sue.  My friend needs the Lord!” Ed agreed to the visit and informed me that plans for the evening had changed.  My first thoughts were a bit selfish.  We were in the middle of a Skype call with our daughter.  This was supposed to be our day off.  And we had not eaten dinner yet! But I quickly put those thoughts aside and got ready for the visit.  I sensed this was a divine “interruption”.

Kookkai, a lady in her fifties, came a few minutes later with Tukta.  Tukta, though only a casual attender at our church, loves to point people to Jesus and bring people in need to church when she does attend.  Tukta told Kookkai, “You need Jesus to help you.  Ajarn Sue can tell you how.”  After a little bit, Tukta left and went home.

Kookkai began explaining her situation. Circumstances in her life seemed overwhelming to her at the time.  As I listened to her story, I sensed a longing for a way out, for hope.  As I began to share about Jesus, she seemed very receptive.  I shared with her God’s plan for salvation. Then she shared that she had just recently prayed on her own to ask Jesus to be her Savior.  Praise God!  Two friends in Bangkok were witnessing to her on social network and sending her Bible verses and Christian YouTubes to encourage her.  “Is this the same as what you are telling me?” she asked.  It was!  “Can God do a miracle in my life too?”  The miracle has already begun the moment she asked Jesus into her life, I told her.  This brand-new babe in Christ had never been to church, did not have a Bible, and did not know much about this new faith.  I then shared some verses to encourage her in her current life situation, gave her some Christian literature and prayed for her. Then I drove her home.  She wanted me to meet her teenage daughter, Nong-Front, so I went inside for a bit.  Ed and I did finally get around to having dinner that night, but we were both praising God for this divine appointment.

A few days later I went to her home to begin discipleship Bible Study.  She was a different lady.  She was now calm and hopeful.  I gave her a Bible and we began with assurance of salvation.  Kookkai is hungry for the Lord.


She supplements her income by selling Thai bake goods.  When she learned I make American bake goods, we connected even more.  I invited her to church on Sunday.  We would be having everyone over to our home after service for our house dedication.  She could taste some of my bake goods too.  We had our mid-week prayer meeting at church that evening.  I had everyone pray for Kookkai, that she would indeed come to church on Sunday and grow in her new faith.

Praise God, she did come with her daughter Nong-Front.  They had never experienced anything like a worship service before and wasn’t sure what to do; but seemed excited about it.  Nun and others reached out to her and welcomed her both at church and at our house dedication.

Please pray that Kookkai will continue growing in the Lord.  Pray that she stays hungry for the Lord and finds her peace in Him alone.   Pray that her daughter, Nong-Front, will also choose to put her faith in Jesus.

3 Responses to Hungry for Jesus

  1. Darin Chin says:

    Praise God! It was a diving appointment. Continue to move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Yesterday prayed for young lady who had lower back pain because of Scoliosis diagnose. God not only healed her back pain from 8/10 to zero but also healed her heart through words of knowledge and expression of love for her. Had attempted to commit suicide previously three times. Was set free from shame, guilt, low self esteem through the presence of his love. Only the Holy Spirit can heal the wounded heart.

  2. Mike Friedl says:


  3. Doris Jensen says:

    Yes, Lord, work in Kookkai’s life and also draw her daughter to yourself. May they grow in their faith and use them for Your kingdom.

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