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Saturday Kid’s Worship Service

Posted by danneker on October 6th, 2019 | Leave a comment

Saturday Kid’s Worship

Praise God! The Saturday ministry to the neighborhood children has begun again.  Not much happened on Saturday for these kids during the year we were on home assignment.  Our kids have grown over the years, as kids do, so no more coloring pages and kiddie lessons where we do everything for them.  The children are now in 4th, 5th and 6th grade.  Practically teenagers.  We called the kids together to make plans.  They wanted to start at 9 AM.  Yes, they assured us, they will be able to wake up and be there on time.  (Their parents/guardians don’t wake them up on Saturday since it’s not a school day, and the children walk to church on their own.) As we all talked about the possibilities, it was decided that we are going to have “real” worship with the kids, using the songs the adults sing (sorry, they told us, no more “Deep and Wide” with actions), and they will have opportunities to have parts in the service.  We would also begin to teach this group how to play the guitar, keyboard and drums, so one day they would even be able to play the music for their worship service.  We assigned the different responsibilities to the children at the meeting.  Everything was set.  During the week, the children excitedly stopped by church to practice their parts with Ajarn Sittichai.

Saturday, 9 AM arrived.  Only Nong Baw was at church, ready to begin.  He graciously went out and tried to gather the other children.  Some kids had just woken up.  Some were buying food to eat for their breakfast.  In and out they came and went, gathering their comrades.  Ed tried to herd them in (something like trying to herd cats, if you get the picture).  Finally, around 10 AM or so, we got the kids all together in the sanctuary.  Praise God, nine children came:  seven “regulars” and two first timers.  The children were excited and squirmy at the same time.  Nong Baw opened the worship service in prayer.  Nong Mint led the singing, with Ajarn Sittichai’s help on the guitar.  Nong Bam gave a list of things they should all pray about, then she got shy and asked Ajarn Sittichai to pray out loud for the requests.  Ajarn Sittichai shared from the Bible about salvation and how you can know for certain you will go to heaven.  We found out that some of our children are still not sure.  Only Nong Baw and Nong Bam were very certain of their salvation.  After doing a review worksheet and having the closing prayer, different children volunteered for the different parts of the worship service for the next week.  Then the children went downstairs for a rousing game of “Uno”.

Please pray for these precious children.  I believe that God has given them to this church as a gift and as a responsibility.  We have been teaching them since some were in kindergarten.   We have been laying the foundation for them over the years, introducing them to Jesus.  I remember the first time I taught them about creation, it was the first time in their lives they had ever heard the story.   Pray that each of them comes to saving faith in Jesus, grows in that faith, and becomes solid disciples of Jesus.

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