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Team Fairlawn

Posted by danneker on December 1st, 2019 | 3 comments

“Why did this group of people just travel 20 or more hours and spend all that money to come and be here today at this school?” Pastor Sukprasan asked the 325 fourth, fifth and sixth graders assembled for the English outreach.  “Because they want you to know about the best news in the world.  They want you to know about Jesus.”  Through the songs they presented and the caring way they taught English that morning, these seven visitors from the Fairlawn Community Church, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania paved the way for our Thai pastors to share the Good News with these children and the teachers attending them.  Each child was given some follow-up literature along with the small gift of school supplies from the Team.

This Team ministered throughout the ten days to children, teenagers, expatriates, and Thai church members.  One day, the men did a small building project while the women visited other church women.

As the Team was prayer walking one afternoon near our mother church, I spied a group of children standing outside of their home trying to see what we were doing.  I went back to talk with the children and asked the older one if she could read Thai.  “Of course!” ten-year old Naamtan said.   “We are from the church about 2 km down the road,” I told her.  “Here on this pamphlet is the church’s name and phone number.” I told her.  “Is it your number?” she asked.  “No, it is Pastor Sukprasan’s.”  “Are your parents at home?” I asked.  “My mom’s working, but my dad is home.  I’ll take you there,” she offered. As we walked down the road, Naamtan came along side of us on her bike.  Just then, I spied Pastor Sukprasan’s team on the other side of the road.  “That’s Pastor Sukprasan.  It’s his number.”  Pastor, with his team, agreed to follow the girl to her home to meet the father, and we continued prayer walking on our side.

We heard later during the sharing time that Naamtan led Pastor Sukprasan and two Team members down a very narrow “lane”, more like a type of sidewalk, with people living all along the way in simple homes on pillars.  You could see water below the homes.  “The deeper we went in, I thought, I hope this isn’t going to be some type of ambush,” Pastor shared.  Finally, they got to Naamtan’s home.  Her dad wasn’t really interested in hearing about the Lord, but the next-door neighbor was very interested. He had some exposure to Christianity and felt he was a sinner with no hope.  Pastor shared the Gospel with him, and the team prayed for him.

Later that evening, Pastor got a phone call.  It was Naamtan.  “I wanted to make sure this was truly your number, Pastor,” she said.    He spoke to her kindly and then had his wife Eve talk with her.  Pastor will be sure to follow up this family.  Pray for Naamtan, her dad, the neighbor and all the other contacts we made that day.

Pray for the children that heard the Gospel during the English outreach.

Thank you, Lord, for sending Team Fairlawn to minister alongside us. May many Thai people come into your kingdom as a result.

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  1. Mike Friedl says:


  2. Doris Jensen says:

    May this contact bear much fruit. Lord, may it be so!

  3. Jim Cowden says:

    Thanks Team Fairlawn for helping the Danneker’s make a difference in bringing Christ to these lost sheep of His flock!

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