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Life in Thailand with COVID-19

Posted by danneker on March 30th, 2020 | 3 comments

A month ago, we posed the question in our prayer update of whether we would be able to take a two-week vacation in the USA in April.  Well those plans have been canceled.  The Thai borders are now closed to foreigners, so if we had gone, we would not have been able to return…at least any time soon. 

Now our new question is, how do we effectively minister to our Thai brothers and sisters in Christ amid a rapidly changing situation.  Infections are unfortunately growing.  The Thai government has declared a state of emergency in order to try and contain the spread of infections.  All malls and public places have been closed.  Only essential shops are open now.  Everyone must wear a face mask, get their temperature taken before going inside a grocery store, pharmacy, or other essential store and use hand sanitizer.  We can no longer gather at the church for Sunday worship.  So, Sunday, March 29, we began “on-line” services.  Praise God, it went fairly well, for a first attempt. 

Bale and Manao leading worship on-line

Some of our challenges are that most of our members do not have a home computer, some of our elderly members don’t even have a smart phone.  So, between Ajarn Sittichai, Ed and me, we have split up the members to contact by phone so we can encourage and pray with them.  We do see a few members as we are out buying food and other essential things.  We will begin setting up a way to continue the leadership training remotely.    

Thank you to the Eastern PA District of the C&MA for keeping us informed and encouraged with how the churches in PA are handling the situation thorough your recent videos.  Thank you also to our home church and our partner churches as we have watched how you are doing the on-line services.  We are feeling a special connection as we face these challenges together.

We have also been blessed by how the Thai are concerned about us.  They are praying for our safety personally and for the USA specifically.  Nun asked me the other week about our missionary colleagues who are in the USA on home assignment.  She was concerned with how they were doing with their three young children at such a time as this. 

Across the globe, Alliance international workers remain in over 60 countries, following local government protocols and restricting unnecessary travel. Some workers in high-risk categories for COVID-19 have relocated to where medical access is more readily available. As things are constantly changing, we remain in close contact with our regional leaders. Please pray for discernment, for protection, and for a new openness to the gospel.

The Alliance office in Colorado Springs remains open, though many are working from home, and donations and checks can still be received. If you give through your local church and their doors are currently closed, please know you can support us online. Visit cmalliance.org/give and choose “GCF” or choose “international worker” and type in our first and last name. Follow the steps from there. You can make a one-time or recurring gift.  We so appreciate your support and prayers during this time. And we encourage you to keep supporting your local church through its own online giving options.

May God protect each of you, give you good health and provide for all your needs.

Love in Christ,

Ed and Sue Danneker

P.S. Ed is doing much better sleeping at night.  Thank you for your prayers for him.

3 Responses to Life in Thailand with COVID-19

  1. Steve Cutter says:

    We love you….stay strong in Jesus! We are praying for you and our Thai friends, that the Gospel will shine bright!

  2. MaryAnn Forry says:

    Great to read your letter and know you are both ok!
    Life sure is different for everyone but God hasn’t left any of us! He remains faithful and my prayer is that we too remain faithful first to him and then in prayer for one another and use these days to speak into lives who don’t know Jesus in a personal way!

  3. Doris Jensen says:

    May God watch over you and protect you; and use you greatly in these days for the Kingdom. Trusting God to use this crises to further His Kingdom here are well.

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