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The New Normal COVID 19 (May 2020)

Posted by danneker on May 3rd, 2020 | 2 comments

Ed, Sittichai, and Sukprasan share their experiences during this past month with COVID-19.

2 Responses to The New Normal COVID 19 (May 2020)

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    Thanks for sharing. It has been a learning curve for most of our American pastors as well to do on-line services. But we are touching many more than this way as you are than when we meet in our buildings. We are praying for lasting fruit for you and for American churches as well. May you continue in health and spiritual strength.

  2. Tim Allen says:

    Ed and Sue,
    Your recent newsletter was such an encouragement to me as you repeated “God is in this…” Obviously you are facing the same challenges in Baan Paeo as we are facing here in York County. Thank you for posting the remarks of Pastor Sittichai and Pastor Sukprasan. What a joy to see them and hear them! God bless you both

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