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Moving out of Lockdown

Posted by danneker on June 6th, 2020 | 3 comments

The month of May almost became routine with doing live stream Sunday worship services and mid-week devotionals, as well as weekly virtual prayer meetings and leadership training via zoom.  Face masks were required when we ventured out of the home with temperature checks and hand gel at every turn, it seemed.  As the country now moves out of lockdown, we are required to sign in and sign out when we go into a store, in case we need to be notified of possible exposure to the virus.  Praise God, the numbers of infections and deaths have been relatively low.  Besides the vigilance of the Thai people, we think the hot, humid Thai summer months that we just passed through may have helped weaken the virus. 

Ed and I did step out of the on-line world to meet with those going through Soul Care.  Sue has been meeting with several young ladies and Ed has been meeting with one young man from the mother church.  Praise God, three of the young ladies that have found freedom through Soul Care are now excitedly working with another lady in the church who also longs for freedom.   May God continue to revive His people!

What made May NOT routine was deciding that on June 7, we will begin to welcome people back to the ministry center to join in Sunday worship while still offering the service livestream.  That decision began a fury of activity to ensure the required distance and sanitary standards are met in our small rented store front building.   Before, we happily packed people in to the second-floor sanctuary.  Children had occupied the first floor and mezzanine area.  The lunch that followed the service was always physically close fellowship.  Now we will move half the congregation to the first floor to watch the service from a monitor so they can sit farther apart… no meals will be served and no separate children’s lessons ☹.  Please pray that God will lead and help us with all the logistics of “restarting”.  Our church members are eager to meet again.  We are eager to see them all again.  And we hope to welcome visitors and seekers as well.

3 Responses to Moving out of Lockdown

  1. Dot Milliken says:

    Hi Sue,
    Praise God that you are moving out of lock-down, just as we are doing in Lancaster. We were one of the hardest hit counties in PA due to all of our nursing homes, I believe. Lancaster Alliance opened this past Sunday with Sat evening and Sun morning services on-site and on-line. It was a glorious reunion of God’s people and we too pray for more freedom to welcome everyone soon. Love & Prayers, Dot

  2. Mike Friedl says:

    thanks for the update. I always look forward to hearing how God is moving in your part of the world!

  3. Dawn and Doug Enck says:

    Hi Sue and Ed,

    Your updates warm our hearts. May God continue to bless His ministry through you. Many are praying. Miss you both. Praying for you.

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