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“I’ve never been to church before”

Posted by danneker on August 2nd, 2020 | 4 comments

“I’ve never been to church before,” were the first words that tumbled out of the young man as he stepped up to the front door of the church, removing his motorcycle helmet. His face mask made it a little hard to hear his soft-spoken voice.   The worship service had already started on the second floor.  I was downstairs at the door to greet people, follow government regulations (temperature checks, hand gel, sign in info), and assist those watching the service on the ground floor monitor. I welcomed the young man, invited him in, and asked if he was a Christian yet.  “Yes, since the beginning of the year.  I heard about God from a friend.   My younger sister is a Christian too.  But I’ve never been to church before,” he answered.  “Well, it’s a good day to start!” I exclaimed, showed him where to put his helmet and escorted him upstairs. 

After service, as he came downstairs with everyone else, I could see he still was a bit shy.  So, I engaged him in friendly conversation until Ed and Sittichai came down and I could introduce them to Bank.  He did not stay very long since he needed to return home to help his mother care for his bed-ridden father.

Praise God, Bank has come each Sunday since.  Ed began to contact Bank mid-week to encourage him. 

We were able to visit Bank and his family with another church member.  We met his mother and were able to pray for his father.  They had moved to the family land in Baan Paeo four years ago after his father’s health failed, and their savings ran out. 

Bank told us he heard about Jesus from his former girlfriend who is a Christian.  Even though he broke up with her, Bank began to believe in God.  He knew only one thing:  Christians go to church each Sunday.  He discovered our church about a month ago when he was in town and decided to come.  Another amazing thing was that first Sunday was the first time he had ever rode a motorcycle on regular roads with traffic.  He had only driven on the family farm before that, which made him both nervous and relieved when he made it those 10 kilometers to church. 

Ed and Sittichai have begun to disciple this new believer. Pray for Bank as he grows in his faith.  

4 Responses to “I’ve never been to church before”

  1. Dawn Enck says:

    Prayed and praying! Thank you so much for the wonderful updates! We so look forward to them.

  2. Mike Friedl says:

    thanks for the update!

  3. Janelle E Davis says:

    Praise God for his unfailing kindness to us

  4. Linda Jane Jane Michael says:

    thanks for your updates .

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