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Praise and Prayer Requests – August 2020

Posted by danneker on August 2nd, 2020 | 1 comment

  • Last month we shared the story of Mawn whose parents wouldn’t allow her to come to church.  Right after we sent out that prayer request, things changed!  Her parents saw Mawn reading the Bible we had given her.  They asked her about it.  Then when she told them again how she would like to go to church on Sunday, they said she could, if she got her work done first.  Praise God, she was in church that next Sunday… beaming.  Pray that Mawn will continue to grow in her faith and be able to come to church every Sunday. 

  • Praise God, baby Elise was born on July 8.  Both Eve and Elise are doing well.  Pastor Sukprasan said that older sister Aileen is adjusting well to her new baby sister, though she wants to care for her like one of her baby dolls.  Continue to pray for Pastor Sukprasan and family as he shepherds our mother church. He will be training three more members in evangelism this month. 
  • Continue to pray for the four members here in Baan Paeo studying the Center for Leadership program.  They have just started the book on “Christian Family.”
  • Praise God, the Covid-19 virus is still under control here in Thailand.  But the borders remain closed to most foreigners.  Consequently, some of our missionary colleagues are not able to return, even though their home assignment is completed. Appreciate your prayers for them as they wait, that they will be able to return to the field soon.

Thank you so much for your prayers for us.  God hears and He is graciously answering.  Thank you also for your faithful financial support.  Your gifts to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) of the Christian and Missionary Alliance supply what is needed financially to serve here in Thailand.  Gifts to the GCF are tax deductible and can be given through your local C&MA church or directly to our support through the C&MA website:  https://www.cmalliance.org/give

Love in Christ,

Ed and Sue Danneker

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  1. Mike Friedl says:

    Congrates to Pastor S and family!

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