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Praise and Prayer Requests – September 2020

Posted by danneker on September 6th, 2020 | 1 comment

  • We thank God that four ladies have found spiritual healing and freedom in Christ through the ministry of Soul Care during the past year.  They now encourage one another to continue walking in the light of God.  Please pray that this ministry will continue to grow to other believers who want to live wholeheartedly for Jesus and be healed in Him.
Nee with her children and Bale
  • Nee, a lady in her 40’s, does Thai massage for a living.  She has two special needs children, both with epilepsy, behavioral issues, and learning disabilities.  Bale has been sharing with her about Jesus.  Nee came to church once with her two children, ages 14 and 6.  She was amazed at how the church welcomed them, no one looked down on them, especially with her children’s unpredictable behavior.  Thai massage as a rule is steeped in the demonic.  Nee is gradually throwing off Satan’s chains and seeing her children’s behavior improve.  Pray that she comes to fully embrace the Lord and experience salvation and true freedom in Christ.  Pray that God would have mercy and heal her children, both physically and spiritually.   Nee and her family have offered the two girls to many demonic forces over the years in hopes of helping them. 
  • Praise God for how the Lord continues to bring both members and visitors out for the Sunday service since reopening after the COVID shutdown.  Pray as we follow up these people and encourage them in their faith. 
  • Please pray as we begin to make plans to reach out in two surrounding areas that currently have no visible church.  One is 12 km south in Baan Bo where Nun (the hairdresser who helped start the Baan Paeo Church) has moved.  The other is 12 km north in Don Yai Hom where Lek lives.  Lek began attending our church over the last two months.  She has moved back to the area to care for her elderly bedridden mother. 

We deeply appreciate all of your prayers for us.  We are also very thankful for your generous financial gifts to the Great Commission Fund (GCF) of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  They supply what we need financially to serve here in Thailand.  Gifts to the GCF are tax deductible and can be given through your local C&MA church or directly to our support through the C&MA website:  https://www.cmalliance.org/give

Love in Christ,

Ed and Sue Danneker

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  1. Mike Friedl says:

    thanks for the update. I especially like the video. I like seeing pictures of you and Ed.

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