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Home Fellowship Groups

Posted by danneker on October 4th, 2020 | 4 comments

Praise God for those in the church who are opening their homes for fellowship groups. Pray that God expands this ministry for member care and outreach to neighbors.  Meet some of the groups:

  • Twenty-five kilometers west of the church:  This is our oldest fellowship group, started six months after we moved to Baan Paeo in 2015.  Anek and his wife Sombat had moved back to the family coconut farm after living and working in Bangkok for many years.  Their C&MA pastor in Bangkok asked us to look after this family when he heard we were starting a church in Baan Paeo.  His church is several hours away from the family land.  We are only half an hour away.  Anek was the only active Christian at that time.  In the years that have passed, we have seen five relatives come to faith in Jesus and his daughter rededicate her life to the Lord.  Praise God.  But there are still more relatives on the family land that need the Lord. 
Lek with Pastor Sittichai
  • Ten Kilometers north of the church:  Lek has been a Christian for about five years.  After working ten years at a school on one of Thailand’s southern islands, she decided to move back to Baan Paeo in March to help her sister care for their elderly mother.   She searched the internet to find a church near her home, and the Lord led her to our church. When we offered to start a fellowship group at her home, she was thrilled.  Her former church also had “care groups” which she attended faithfully for two years before she accepted the Lord.  Being the first believer in her family, she is burdened for her relatives.  She is in an underreached area of Baan Paeo, next to a university that has some Christian roots.
Urai (third from left)
  • Thirty kilometers west of the church:  Urai started coming to the church about a year and a half ago, at the invitation of a friend. She has been a Christian for about eight years and was searching for a new church home.  She loves our church’s emphasis on the Bible and is an eager participant in the CLD lay leadership program.  Monday through Saturday she drives a “sling” (motorcycle with a sidecar) to sell yogurt drinks in various outdoor markets.  On Sunday she rides her “sling” about 15 kilometers to another member’s home to get a ride to church.  She was also thrilled when we asked to start a monthly fellowship group at her home.  She is burdened for her children and grandchildren to know the Lord.  She lives in a very large housing complex.
Olay and Joy (on the mat)
  • Fifteen kilometers northwest of the church:  Joy and her husband Olay are originally from our mother church.  They moved to the Baan Paeo area in February to care for Joy’s mom.  After her mom died in March, they decided to stay and continue her mom and stepdad’s business of collecting and selling edible seed pods (river tamarind) that grow wild along the country roads. They were very blessed that we reached out to them to start a monthly fellowship group at their simple roadside dwelling. There is an unreached community around them.

4 Responses to Home Fellowship Groups

  1. Lynne Hultquist says:

    Thank you for the updates.

  2. Steve Cutter says:

    Awesome news….Praise God for these groups!

  3. Michael Friedl says:

    thank you

  4. Dawn Enck says:

    Thank you for the update, Ed and Sue. What a blessing to see how the Lord continues to use you for His purpose.

    Know we will be praying for you.

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