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“Song Dee” by Belle

Posted by danneker on December 6th, 2020 | 8 comments

Praise God, Belle (pronounced “Bale” by the Thai), at 19 years old, opened her own hair salon.  Only the power of God could a life change like this.

Rescued twice from the pit

I met Belle when she happened to be at her family’s roadside food stall, a 14-year-old seeker ready to sell her soul to Satan.  She had already dropped out of school and was into drugs, alcohol, boys…and feeling hopeless.  When I told her there was a better way…Jesus…she responded and found new hope in Him.  Intense discipleship followed.  Slowly, with God’s help, she shook off her old sinful lifestyle, grew in the Lord and was baptized eight months after I met her.  Sadly, a month after her baptism, she jumped back into her old lifestyle with a new intensity as she began working in a night bar.  She strayed for eight months, staying far from the things of the Lord.

But in His great mercy, God rescued her again.  She began to respond to all the phone calls, the social media contacts, brief visits, as the church cried out to the Lord for her. When she finally came to church, she was amazed that the believers welcomed her with open arms.  She began to believe that God might welcome her back as well.  We began even more intense discipleship, delving into the triggers that led her astray. 

New Beginnings

She started to share her renewed faith with friends and relatives. They had seen her life, both up and down, and could not deny God’s power in beginning to change her. She began taking high school equivalency classes and started at a beautician school.  She began serving in the church.  God has blessed Belle with a beautiful singing voice.  Now she was using it to worship the Lord rather than entertain at a bar. 

When we returned from home assignment a year and a half ago, Belle was struggling with some deeper sin issues, but this time wanted to be free and sin no more.  Ed and I had been trained in the Soul Care ministry from Rob Reimer while on home assignment.  We had a passion to translate this material into Thai so that the believers here could walk in true freedom.  I jumped in right away with Belle taking her through the biblical principles for overcoming broken and sinful areas of her life and to grow in deeper relationship with Jesus.   Even though my on-the-spot translation was rough, the Holy Spirit enabled Belle to understand and experience real freedom.  She has been invaluable help as we take Soul Care to other Thai people wanting to be free.

A new Beauty Salon

“Why do you want to dedicate your shop to the Lord?” I asked Belle shortly after she opened her new beauty salon.  “I want to thank God that He led to this point in my life to actually be the owner of the shop.  I had been a kid tossed in the gutter with no future, but God came into my life and changed everything.  He changed me.  My family is so happy about the changes.  I want to offer everything in this salon to Him.  I want to be a blessing to my customers, that they might know Jesus too.  I want everyone in this market area to know I am a Christian.  Of course, I would like the Lord to bless the business itself,” she answered. 

“Why did you name your shop ‘Song Dee?’,” I asked.   “It’s actually a play on words.  In the beauty salon context, it means ‘good haircut.’  But in another context, it can mean ‘God is good’,” she answered. 

God is good!  Please pray for Belle as she continues to grow in the Lord.

8 Responses to “Song Dee” by Belle

  1. Steve Cutter says:

    Amen….what a powerful story of transformation! To God be the glory….such great things He does!

  2. Barbara Bornemann says:

    Thank you, Belle, for sharing your testimony of the transformational power of God’s relentless love. Because He lives, you have new life. How great is our God to rescue and restore!

  3. Doris Jensen says:

    Praising God with you in God’s work in Belle’s life. Lord, continue to lead and guide Belle in your ways and use her to rescue others for Your Kingdom.

  4. Mike Friedl says:

    This is a great testimony of Kingdom building in Thailand. Thanks for working there!

  5. Dawn and Doug Enck says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story, Ed and Sue. Praise God for His (and your) love and faithfulness. This sounds like an article for Alliance Life Magazine!

  6. Jay Harvey says:

    God’s grace and love are boundless! Praise Him for His faithfulness and for the faithfulness of the church in praying for Belle when she wandered. Sounds like an “Unshackled” story!

  7. Janelle E Davis says:

    Yes! To God be the glory! We’ll continue to pray for Belle…..

  8. Mary Ann Forry says:

    What a beautiful young lady! Pray God’s rich blessing on her and on her business as she continues to live for Him!
    Blessings on you both this Season of our Celebration of our Saviors coming to earth to redeem us!
    MaryAnn Forry

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