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Christmas Outreaches in March

Posted by danneker on April 4th, 2021 | 7 comments

Christmas in March!  Why not?  If you remember, all our Christmas outreaches had to be canceled less than 12 hours before they were about to begin.  Our province was the epicenter of the COVID wave that started mid-December, with more than 15,000 infections.  The government was very quick to test, isolate, and restrict movement.  Schools in our province were closed and then on-line. Church services had to be virtual as well.   

Praise God, things improved.  By the end of February, the situation was under control with the infection rate much lower and traceable.  Schools began to open for in-person learning.  The two schools where we had scheduled Christmas outreaches allowed us to come in March.  The smaller school of 50 children gave us the full two hours.  The other school of 120 elementary students allowed about a half hour.  We are thankful the children got the hear the true meaning of Christmas and finally receive the gifts we had prepared of school supplies, treats and children’s literature about Christmas.  Pray that the seeds of the Gospel that were planted in the hearts of the students and teachers will bear fruit.

Enjoy this short video of the two outreaches.

7 Responses to Christmas Outreaches in March

  1. Su R says:

    I’ll definitely be praying for these students and faculty! So glad you got to have your outreach still!

  2. Mike Friedl says:


  3. Doris Jensen says:

    Praying these seeds bear fruit!

  4. Linda Jane Michael says:

    SO glad you can go in to school tell the children about Jesus

  5. Linda Jane Michael says:

    well you please send your letters to our Pastor Wayne Muckel from the Dannerville C&MA he wants to try and put them on a dice so we can show them in church I can’t this is Linda Michael thank you we are praying for you his e mail is wjmuckel@yahoo.com thank you.for your vidoes.

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