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And God stopped the rain

Posted by danneker on May 2nd, 2021 | 3 comments

Manao was eager to make the annual trip to the family village in Northeast Thailand over the Thai New Year holidays in April.  She especially wanted to see her ailing grandmother.  Belle, another young person in our church, was reluctant since she is from Baan Paeo and wanted to keep her hair salon open.  She decided to go along to honor her husband and his family who are from the same village as Manao.  I told her, perhaps God will use her and Manao in a special way this year.

The first night they arrived, Belle and Manao shared the Gospel with Manao’s grandmother.  Her grandmother had seen Manao’s life change and she opened her heart to Jesus.  On Sunday, Belle and Manao worshiped at the C&MA church closest to their village.  They asked the pastor if a cell group could be arranged at their village to share the gospel and to follow up Manao’s grandmother.  We got word that the date was set for that Thursday.  We prayed.  And the battle began.

It rained hard on Thursday.  Belle decided to postpone the cell group since some of the village roads are just dirt and the pastor would be bringing the church members in his pick-up truck with some elderly ones needing assistance to walk.  They rescheduled for Saturday.

On Friday, Belle’s husband’s uncle suddenly got deathly sick.  He was rushed to the hospital and put into ICU.  Belle felt the cell group had to be postponed again. Also, more rain was in the forecast.  Belle called me and asked me to pray.  She was most upset as plans were being made to do demonic ceremonies at the direction of the local witch doctor.  She knew these ceremonies would only kill the uncle and only Jesus could heal him.  We prayed that Jesus alone would get the glory. 

Belle went to the hospital with the rest of the family that night.  She shared the good news about Jesus with the uncle’s wife and prayed for the uncle in the ICU unit. His condition improved after she prayed, and he made it through the night. Belle was really saddened to see the demonic ceremonies begin on Saturday.  The uncle’s condition worsened. 

Sunday, Belle and Manao attended the C&MA church again and arranged for the cell group for Sunday evening.  Late Sunday afternoon, Belle called again.  “What should I do?  This is the last chance for the cell group. But it is raining again!”   (She and Manao would be returning to Baan Paeo soon).  I told her we would pray that the rain stops.  After hanging up, Belle prayed, “Lord make it stop”.  And it did.  Miraculously, suddenly, with a loud thunderclap, it stopped.  

The cell group went well.  The testimonies of the church members were all about how Jesus delivered them from the evil spirits.  Now this church can follow-up Manao’s grandmother and others who showed an interest in the Lord. 

Sadly, the ceremonies with the evil spirits continued.  The uncle’s condition deteriorated, and he died on Tuesday. 

Pray that the Lord continues to use Belle and Manao’s testimony to bring others to saving faith in Christ and that more people in the village will come out of spiritual darkness into the kingdom of light. 

visiting grandma
cell group in village

3 Responses to And God stopped the rain

  1. Mike Friedl says:


  2. Su Roller says:

    Sobering….our enemy is alive and active around the world. I hope the uncle was able to understand enough that he accepted Christ in his heart before he died.
    Thanks for sharing how life is there. Praying for God’s glory to continue to be seen there!

  3. Steve Cutter says:

    The faith of these two young ladies is amazing! I’m thankful for them and pray the church continues that cell group outreach!

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