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New Home for Mahapawn Living Water Church

Posted by danneker on June 5th, 2021 | 4 comments

Praise God!  Our mother church, the Mahapawn Living Water Church, has a new home!  The purchase transaction was completed on May 14.  Their new three-story building is double the size of their current rental and is just 200 meters further in the lane.  The church will be able to seamlessly continue to reach out to the same community where they have established many relationships over the 13 years they have been at their current rental. 

When the new neighbors saw Pastor Sukprasan, they all greeted him as an old friend and were very excited to know the church is moving next store to them.  They now see the church as a good and safe place.  Their children and grandchildren have joined in various children’s outreaches, especially Christmas.  With the COVID pandemic causing economic hardship among their neighbors, the church had placed a Thai food cupboard in front of their current building at different times. This cupboard was then filled with essentials that the neighbors could take as needed.

Please pray for God’s direction as the church now does some renovations and gets the building ready for use.  Pray too that they will be able to see many of their neighbors put their faith in Jesus.  

4 Responses to New Home for Mahapawn Living Water Church

  1. Jensen Doris says:

    Good news. Yes, Lord. Draw many to yourself.

  2. Mike Friedl says:


  3. Linda Jane Michael says:

    So happy for you and still praying for you.

  4. Jay Harvey says:

    Looks like a lighthouse to me! May it shine brightly for Christ and the Kingdom.

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