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From Beautician to Barista

Posted by danneker on August 1st, 2021 | 7 comments

After a noble attempt to stay afloat among the Covid waves, Belle had to close her beauty salon at the end of May.  But as God closed that door, He opened another for her at an up-scale coffee shop and restaurant right here in Baan Paeo.  Now as a barista, she is experiencing a whole new “mission field:” her co-workers.  Belle praises God for the natural conversations she has been able to have with them.  For some, she is the first Christian they have ever spoken to. 

Belle is also experiencing being employed full time, with only Wednesday off.  At the interview for the job the boss said no one gets Saturday or Sunday off.  She bravely spoke up and told him that she is a Christian and must go to church on Sundays.  With less than 1% Christians here in Thailand, it was a strange concept for the boss to grasp.  The Thai understand the Muslims, (6% of the population) and their religious requirements far better.  He reluctantly said she could have Sunday morning off, but she would have to work in the afternoon.  When he asked about her drug and alcohol use, she simply replied, “I used to, but I don’t anymore.”  He said he wouldn’t hold her past against her.  Belle told me she would love to have the opportunity sometime to share with the boss and his wife why her life has changed – Jesus!  Many of you have prayed for Belle (I formerly transliterated her name as “Bale”) since she began her journey with Jesus five years ago, through many of her ups and downs in the faith.  Thank you!  Our God hears and He is answering our prayers. 

7 Responses to From Beautician to Barista

  1. Mike Friedl says:

    This update is really encouraging!

  2. Steve Cutter says:

    Had no idea there is an upscale coffee shop in Baan Park! Can’t wait to visit and encourage Belle!
    Praying as well for those impacted by the recent fire….many to come to Jesus!

  3. Su Roller says:

    I’m passing along your updates to our EPaD prayer warriors, Sue & Ed! Thanks for keeping us informed and encouraging us to persevere in prayer!

    • danneker says:

      Yes, we have an upscale coffee shop. It is relatively new. I don’t think it was open yet when you were here.
      Thanks for your prayers for the fire victims.

  4. Linda Benzon says:

    Praise God for continuing to draw Belle and others to himself, never giving up on us!

  5. Sharon Gray says:

    Thank you for you monthly up dates. I do read them and enjoy hearing about what is happening their on the mission field. Will be praying for Belle

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