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Diamond in the rough begins to shine

Posted by danneker on October 3rd, 2021 | 4 comments

It’s amazing what ten guys, skilled, experienced, and with the right tools, can do.  The Mahapawn Living Water Church building (our mother church) was transformed before our eyes in 20 days! After the building was purchased in May, Pastor Sukprasan began directing teams of volunteers to do what they could during June, July, and August.  And a lot was done, from clean-up, painting, to knocking down walls. They hired an electrician to update the distribution panel and increase the electrical service to the building.   But when the contractor came with his team on September 1, “mountains were moved.”  Thanks for praying!

After the scope of the work was agreed upon and the contract signed for the renovations, Pastor called for a 24-hour prayer chain: safety for the workmen from accidents and from Covid, wisdom in decisions, adequate resources, and for an opportunity to be a witness.  Praise God, all requests were answered.  When the work was completed and the final installment paid, Pastor presented New Testaments to each of the workmen.  Your generous support of our ministry paid for these Bibles.  Thank you for giving!

This whole Mahapawn Living Water Church land and building project has been one miracle after another.  First that enough gifts were given from both overseas and in country to even purchase the building.  The building was sold at an amazing price because the owner needed to clear debt before he could retire and receive his pension.  The building was up for sale for several years before the Lord led Pastor Sukprasan to it.  It looked pretty dilapidated on the outside since it had been rented out for 20 years with little upkeep.  I told Pastor that the outside appearance was God’s way of saving it for us.  No one else wanted it!  But the building is well built.  It was a diamond in the rough.  The three-story building is only 200 meters further in the lane from where their current rental is located, and twice the size.   They can now seamlessly continue reaching out to their neighbors. 

The church will move into their new home by October 15.  May God use this new ministry center to His Glory and may many Thai come to saving faith in Jesus.

4 Responses to Diamond in the rough begins to shine

  1. Ann Judd says:

    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!

  2. Mike Friedl says:

    Thanks for letting us hear about how God is working in Thailand!

  3. Doris S. Jensen says:

    Thankful that things are opening up and hearing how ministries are moving forward. Praise God for all the work done on the M. Living Water Church building. May God open up hearts to hear and understand the gospel and respond.

  4. Linda Jane Michael says:

    SO happy for you and how God is working for you and His Kingdom Thank You for your letters.

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