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A Dream Come True

Posted by danneker on October 31st, 2021 | 2 comments

It has been very exciting to see the Mahapawn Living Water Church, our mother church, use their new building for worship in October, albeit on-line.  The worship team fits comfortably on the new stage.  The church members are so excited to have a new home that they continue to donate for additional repairs and help where they can.

This building is quite functional.  With land at a premium in the city, churches need to think “up” rather than “out,” and be multi-functional.   Pastor Sukprasan and his family now live in a nice apartment on the third floor.  The second floor is where they have the worship services.  It also houses the sound room/nursery, which doubles mid-week as the Bible School student’s bedroom.  His dorm was closed for the semester while he studies on-line.   (On the weekends, this Bible School student is at Baan Paeo doing weekend ministry with us.  He stays overnight in our church building.)  Recently, several young guys on the worship team have been staying at the church Saturday night after worship practice.  Good thing there are bathrooms on each floor now equipped with showers!  Then the first floor has the church kitchen, pastor’s office, and the fellowship area where weekly fellowship meals will be served once the church can meet in-person again.  It is also where Pastor’s wife Eve will begin Saturday children’s outreach.  The neighborhood kids already come over often to play with their 4-year-old daughter Aileen.

It has been a blessing to Ed and me to serve as advisors to this building project and help with some of the renovations.  God has provided in amazing ways.  Thank you, to everyone who donated to help this church see their dream of owning their own building come true.  They longed for years to expand, to have the seating capacity to welcome new people and to reach out in significant ways.  They will also continue planting daughter churches.

2 Responses to A Dream Come True

  1. Mike Friedl says:

    I like the “multi-functional” model the new church is following. Say “Hi” to Sukprasan and Eve!

  2. Su says:

    Awesome to hear this great news!

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