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Following Jesus

Praise God, seven people were baptized on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at a joint service with our mother church.  Our mother church pastor, Pastor Sukprasan, officiated.  The five from Baan Paeo shared their testimonies with us in our morning worship service before we loaded into cars and vans to meet the mother church at a community swimming pool in Mahachai.  Here is a bit of their stories: “I never thought I would ever be happy.  I cried all the time,” Samruay shared with me a few weeks back.  Her life had been miserable.  Her husband Sunun had been addicted to […]

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Nong Baw is Moving

“You won’t have many children to teach during the school break,” Nun said while I was visiting with her at her hair salon. The Thai school summer break runs from mid-March to mid-May each year – the hottest time of the year here.  “Min and her older sister Mint will spend the summer with their mom in the north of Thailand, like they do each summer.  But they’ll be back to live with their dad once school starts in May,” she continued, “But Baw is moving to live with another relative.”  “Nong Baw!”  My heart skipped a beat.  This precious […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – March 2018

Praise God, 4 – 6 teenagers have joined us each Saturday afternoon for our newly formed youth outreach.   One 17 year old young man named Nite has already decided to put his trust in Jesus after attending a few times.  Pray for Ed as he disciples Nite.  Pray that God continues to draw teens to himself. Praise God for how He is moving among people in their golden years. Nun’s 77 year old dad has been coming to church quite regularly and loves listening to his audio Bible.  Pranom, a lady who just turned 86, has been coming for […]

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Some Christmas Fruit

(Bale discipling Manao) “A young person from the area of the local high school where we did the Christmas outreach is coming to church today”, Sittichai told us Sunday morning, January 14.  “She contacted me on Facebook to find out where the church is located.”  Praise God, some fruit from the outreach event!  I joyfully welcomed Ploy as she entered the church.  I had assumed she was one of the high school students that participated in our church’s Christmas program.  But as we talked, I learned she used to attend the school.  Now in eleventh grade at a vocational high […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – February 2018

We will join our mother church for a baptism service on Sunday February 25. Praise God, five people from Baan Paeo plan to be baptized!  Please pray for Samruay, Rung, Nok, Mui, and Mayta as they prepare to follow the Lord in baptism.   Praise God, we had the kick off for the church “Youth Group” on Saturday afternoon, January 13, with four teenage gals attending! This included one seeker!  Having a specific youth ministry has been on my heart for a long time.  The platform is music.  After an ice breaker and short devotional, I (Sue) taught beginning piano/keyboard.  […]

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A Baan Paeo Christmas 2017

A Baan Paeo Christmas 2017 YouTube Video Thumbnail

Praise God for all the Christmas outreaches of the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church.  Enjoy this short video of the events.  Special thanks to our daughter Laura who was visiting us over Christmas.  She was our photographer and put the video together for us.

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Praise and Prayer Requests – January 2018

Manao, the 15 year old teenager who asked Jesus to be her Savior at our Saturday Kid’s Club Christmas outreach, continues to come to church with Bale (see prayer request #2). Praise God, Bale is now eagerly discipling Manao! Ed and I were able to visit Manao’s parents over the New Year’s holiday.  Her mother seemed quite receptive to the gospel and was very positive about Manao coming to church and hanging out with Bale.  She has seen the positive changes in Bale’s life.  Please pray that Manao grows in her new faith.  Pray that God continues to equip Bale […]

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Glenview Team Thailand 2017

Glenview Team Thailand 2017 YouTube Video Thumbnail

What might a ministry team to Thailand working with Ed and Sue Danneker look like?  Eight eager people came from the Glenview Alliance Church (Glen Rock, PA) for two weeks in November.  Here are some highlights of their ministry with us.

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Praise and Prayer Requests – December 2017

The team from the Glenview Alliance Church (Glen Rock, PA) was amazing. Their enthusiastic two weeks of ministry alongside us touched every corner of the church.  God has a way of sending the right people at the right time.  Our “Kid’s Club” children loved them and several kids bonded with the team members in a special way.  Many kids came who we have not seen for a while.  God arranged “divine appointments” when we took them to visit believers and seekers in the community.  One of the team members had experience in helping people get free of addictions.  He was […]

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Welcome to the Family, Nought and Ta!

“Ed, can you meet me tomorrow at the church?  Nought is ready to trust in Jesus as his Savior,” Aey said over the phone.   “Definitely!” Ed responded and they set up a time.  What a delightful surprise and what a wonderful change of events.  Up until that point, we were concerned that Nought was not really interested in the Lord. Nought, a young man 30 years old, first came to our church with his Aunt Ta right after our church dedication service at the end of August.  His uncle had attended the dedication.  He was impressed with what he saw […]

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