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“A Broken and Contrite Heart” – Attapon’s Testimony

I was born into a Christian family.  My grandmother was the first in the family to come to saving faith after hearing the Gospel from C&MA missionaries.   I was raised in the church and accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 14 years old and was baptized.   But as I began hanging out with friends in the neighborhood, I started to act the opposite of how a Christian should act.  I began to not listen to my parents and be disobedient.  As I got older, I got more rebellious, dropped out of technical high school, but I did eventually […]

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Prayer Requests – February 2020

Please continue praying for Pastor Sukprasan and the Mahapawn Living Water Church, our current mother church, as they negotiate with the owner of the building they would like to buy to use for their church. The building seems ideal.  It is near their current rented facility, which they have outgrown.  The building would take little renovation to use it as a church.  Please pray that God will lead in this endeavor and for His provision.  If you would like to help this church buy this property and expand their ministry, go to www.cmalliance.org/give and type in under special projects:  “Mahapawn […]

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Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019 YouTube Video Thumbnail

Here are some highlights of our Christmas outreaches.

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High School Christmas Outreach

Praise God for the opportunity to do a Christmas Day outreach at the local high school.  All went well, in spite of my flat tire that morning, and the school sound system malfunctioning during the games.  Everything was back up and running well for the five-minute skit that illustrated the need for Jesus in our lives for true victory over sin.  Seven of the eleven actors were teens from this very school.  Praise God, the 850 students then heard the good news of Jesus through a powerful presentation by Ajarn Sittichai, many, most likely, for the first time.  The teenagers, […]

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Prayer Requests – January 2020

The Mahapawn Living Water Church, our current mother church, has found a nice building with a parking area near their current rented facility that they are hoping to buy. This building is about ten years old and was built as a home office, so it would take little renovation to use it as a church.  The owner was thrilled when Pastor Sukprasan shared the church’s vision for the community.  It is the owners’ dream that the building be used to help society and told Pastor she is more than willing to negotiate the price.  The church already supplies educational scholarships […]

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Team Fairlawn

“Why did this group of people just travel 20 or more hours and spend all that money to come and be here today at this school?” Pastor Sukprasan asked the 325 fourth, fifth and sixth graders assembled for the English outreach.  “Because they want you to know about the best news in the world.  They want you to know about Jesus.”  Through the songs they presented and the caring way they taught English that morning, these seven visitors from the Fairlawn Community Church, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania paved the way for our Thai pastors to share the Good News with these […]

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Christmas in Thailand

How do we spend Christmas Day in Thailand?   As my children will tell you, rarely at home opening presents, that’s for sure.   December 25 is not a holiday here, since Thailand is a Buddhist country, with over 90 % adhering to that religion.  Christians still number less than one percent of the population.  The Thai people are fascinated by Christmas.  The stores have taken on all the decorations (Santa Claus, reindeer, trees, etc.) … anything for a sale.  Many Thai people think Christmas is the foreigner’s “New Year’s” since they see it has something to do with exchanging presents, which […]

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Just as Wednesday evening prayer meeting was about to start, Manao’s face lit up as she checked her phone.  “Can we wait a few minutes to start? A friend is on his way.”  Beam, a young man Manao’s age, came a few minutes later, having jogged about half a kilometer to get to church.  We went around the small group gathered there and introduced ourselves.  This was the first time Beam had ever been inside a church building.  “I want to know God,” Beam said. He came to the right place! Beam had seen a few testimonies of Thai Christians […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – November 2019

Praise God, the Saturday morning children’s worship service is going well. The first couple of weeks, we just had a handful of children faithfully attending.  But last week, eleven children came.  After the worship service, Bale patiently teaches those that want to play the drums.  Sue tries to introduce things on the keyboard.  Bale and Ajarn Sittichai work with those wanting to learn guitar.  Some who had come a year ago are still asking for crafts.  They all seem addicted to the card game “Uno”.  Please continue to pray for these precious children.  Five of them come regularly to church […]

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Back to Baan Paeo

Back to Baan Paeo YouTube Video Thumbnail

We returned to Baan Paeo at the end of June.  Here are some highlights of the last few months.

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