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More Fruit in Mae Klong


Praise God for the growing group of believers in Mae Klong.  We have visited this group monthly since Nov 2015, initially to follow-up Anek, an elderly believer.   During the last year and a half, Anek has grown in his faith and his wife Sombat decided to fully surrender to Jesus and be baptized.  Their sister and brother-in-law, Somruay and Sunun, have come to saving faith in the Lord.  Sunun  has been miraculously freed from 40 years of alcohol addiction.  In addition to the monthly cell group, Ed goes weekly to disciple the new believers.   These four older adults and […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – May 2017

Praise God, Bale passed the entrance exam to attend a private high school in Mahachai. The public high schools were not willing to take a 16 year old drop out that has to start in grade seven.  Bale is thrilled, as is her family.  She did very well during the summer school session.  The new Thai school year begins on May 15.  Pray that Bale stays focused and disciplined, and God gives her grace to continue her education.   Bale is also showing encouraging signs of spiritual life again.  She had been straying since the beginning of the year.  She told […]

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First Sunday in Baan Paeo


Nun beamed with excitement as she arrived an hour early to see what else she could do for our first Sunday Service on March 12.  Ed and I had already arrived to open things up.  Nun brought a little neighborhood girl named Tawaan with her.  Nun got right to work setting up the simple kitchen area and coffee corner making sure everything was tidy.  Little Tawaan was a great help. I excitedly slipped up to our second floor sanctuary to turn on the air conditioning (A/C) that was just installed a few days earlier. Hot season is upon us, so […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – April 2017

We are in contact with Bale and Ahn.  Continue to pray for them.  Bale is down in Mahachai living with her maternal grandmother now.    Bale asked for prayer as she is hoping to go back to school.   Praise the Lord for that!  She only has credit for grade 6, though actually dropped out before we met her last year after 8th grade.  But by the Thai system, she would have to start in grade 7.  Having just turned 16, I can imagine it would be hard for her to be in a class with normal age grade 7 students.  […]

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From Sweat Shop to Sweet Work

PA232617 - Copy cropped

One of the blessings from being able to serve in Thailand almost 25 years is you get to experience “more of the story” – how God works in marvelous ways in the lives of his people.  We first met Noi at the second church we helped plant in 2003.  She was 18 years old and had already been in Bangkok for 6 years working 10-16 hours a day in a sweat shop making silver jewelry.  At the invitation of one of the church’s teenagers, she attended the first Christmas outreach in December 2003.  It was Noi’s first time to ever […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – March 2017

Praise God, on March 12, 2017 we will have our first Sunday worship service in Baan Paeo. Our mother church will “send us off” on Sunday March 5.  After a lot of hard work, the building is functional.   In these last few days before our first service, we will be scurrying about setting things up.  We have been blessed by different Thai people wanting to donate things for the church to use…even a not-yet Christian Thai who just want to show their support.  Pray that everything goes well on March 12 and that God is honored and glorified.  Pray for […]

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And Then We Rented a Building…


The last months of 2016 were so encouraging with baptisms, a strong cell group, amazing Christmas outreaches, and two more adults coming to faith in Jesus.  Things were really looking up for this new church plant.  Nun’s Hair Salon had served us well for the past year, but we all felt it was time to have a clearer physical presence in the community.  The Lord led us to a 3 ½ story store front building in an excellent location, very visible with lots of people passing by every day.  The rent is very reasonable, well within the group’s ability to […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – February 2017

Please pray for God’s wisdom and strength as we do the building repairs.  Our goal is to have the building usable enough to begin Sunday worship in March.   Please pray that the Lord will raise up the necessary Thai leadership for this new church plant in Baan Paeo.  We need additional lay leadership and a Thai pastor.   Pray for continued outreach opportunities and that we will see more Thai embrace Jesus as Savior.   Pray for our mother church in Mahachai that God will grow the congregation in numbers and spiritual depth. Pray that God will continue to […]

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Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 YouTube Video Thumbnail

We had the privilege of sharing the true meaning of Christmas at two schools and with the children in Baan Paeo.  Enjoy this video of all the events.

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True Meaning of Christmas

  Bale stopped by the house and noticed our Christmas decorations.  As I shared some of our family’s Christmas traditions, she exclaimed, “This will be my first Christmas I celebrate where I understand the true meaning of Christmas.”  She continued, “Oh, I used to ‘celebrate’ the season…with drinking and partying. But I had no idea what it was all about.” Bale has come a long way since I met her at the fruit drink stand back in February (see cmastories March 2016 “Six o’clock”, April 2016 “Welcome to the family, Bale”).  She had been on the verge of selling her […]

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