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Thai Mother’s Day Outreach

The children came early, full of excitement and all dolled up with a little stage make-up.  We were going to celebrate Thai Mother’s Day (celebrated August 12 each year).  After almost two months of practice, the children were more than ready for the two songs they were going to present that Sunday morning.  Now, would the moms come? We had been encouraging our Saturday Kid’s Club children to invite their moms.  “My mom’s not free.”  “My mom won’t come.” Was what I had been hearing.  Several children told me, “I don’t have a mom – my grandma takes care of […]

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Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church Dedication Celebration – August 27, 2017

Praise God for the church dedication celebration of the Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church.  Everything went very smoothly.  Thank you for praying.  In the morning, 28 members from our mother church, the Mahapawn Living Water Church, joined us for a joint worship service.  Pastor Sukprasan, the mother church pastor, brought his worship team and led the service.  Ed preached the message from the Word.  It was so good to fellowship with our mother church members again.  Ed and I had been privileged to help with planting that church from 2007-2014.  We all enjoyed fellowship lunch together then started to prepare for […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – September 2017

Praise God for Sittichai, a third year Bangkok Bible School student who has joined us for weekend ministry. The Lord sent him to us the weekend before our big dedication service, just in time to help with so many logistics of handling such a crowd.  We are impressed by this young man’s dedication to serve the Lord.  He comes to Baan Paeo Friday night and stays at the church through Sunday afternoon.  He has classes Tuesday through Friday.  Please pray for him that God will bless his ministry and his studies.   After our dedication service, the assistant mayor of […]

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Spiritual Hunger


Nok and her husband Roong had asked Jesus to be their Savior this past Christmas.  But due to the nature of their work, building concrete roads, their attendance at church has been sporadic.  “When we are pouring the concrete, we have to finish, we can’t take a break.  And sometimes we are under a deadline and don’t dare take a break either,” they explained.  Nok was “revived” after the short term team from River Valley Alliance Church came at the end of June.  We took several people from the team to visit them at their worksite.  Nok was able to […]

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He saw the church sign…

On Saturday, July 2, the Mahapawn Baan Paeo church sign was attached on the third floor balcony railing.  The three story building we are renting is already quite prominent; located at the center of town, right where the largest bridge crosses over the main canal that runs through the town.  It is very visible from both the road and the canal.  We are also located right where almost every car and motorcycle seems to pass by during rush hour.  It is the short cut to drive under the bridge.  Then we painted the building “apricot cream” which made it stand […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – August 2017

Please pray for our Thai Mother’s Day outreach on August 13.  The Saturday kid’s club children will join with the children that attend on Sunday to do a special presentation for their mothers.  We are encouraging the children to invite their mothers, grandmothers, aunts or other significant “mothers” in their lives.  Pastor Sukprasan’s wife Eve will be sharing the message that day.   We will have our church dedication on Sunday afternoon, August 27.  The Mahapawn Living Water Church (our mother church) will be joining in the celebration as well as our District President and Field Director.  Please pray as […]

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River Valley Short Term Team Impact


Praise God for the team from River Valley Alliance Church (Wisconsin) that joined us for ministry June 19-28.  God used the team in mighty ways to impact both the church in Baan Paeo and Mahachai.  Their willingness to teach English opened the doors for over 120 students plus many of the teachers to hear the Good News of Jesus at two different schools.  Especially exciting was how this team ministered so effectively to the Thai – through visitation, personal testimonies, special music, children’s programs and lots of “on sight with insight” prayer. Heidi’s testimony on Sunday morning touched the hearts […]

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Praise and Prayer Requests – July 2017

Praise and Prayer Requests –July 2017 God has blessed us with several seekers in recent months. Paw-Ngam (Nun’s father) has started to see God answer his prayers.  A non-reader, he has accepted an audio Bible and has been listening to it quite a bit. It makes him feel very peaceful. He enjoys coming to church, though he still doesn’t understand it all.   Benz (Nun’s oldest son) and his girlfriend Taw have begun to attend Sunday Services when they don’t have to work.  The first service they attended a month ago confused them.  Why were we singing?  What was going on?  […]

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Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church – Before and After

Mahapawn Baan Paeo Church – Before and After YouTube Video Thumbnail

The building seemed perfect.  Great location, very reasonable rental price.  But it was a “fixer-upper” that’s for sure.  Enjoy watching the progress we have made from January to May 2017.

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Nong Baw

Nong Baw was perched on the barber’s chair in Nun’s Hair Salon.  Nong Bam sat on the hair washing chair.  Both in second grade; they rattled on about all kinds of things.  Then Nong Baw turned to Nun, who the neighborhood children affectionately call “Auntie Nun,” and said he was worried about his grandparents.  “I want my grandparents to know Jesus like you do, Auntie Nun,” Nong Baw said.  “They are having a lot of problems with their health right now and they are not happy like you.”  Nong Baw has been raised by his grandparents since he was very […]

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