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Meet the Dresslers!

Posted by Carrie Ann on December 12th, 2010 | 5 comments

Greetings from Palestine!  We are Scot and Carrie and along with our kids, Thomas, Maggie, Scoty, Georgia Kate, and Charlie Jo, we live and work with the Palestinian people.  We’ve been serving as international workers since 2004.  We hail from Shamokin, Pennsylvania!  Here’s a shout-out to our Eastern PA family!  We’re both graduates of Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary.

What do we do here?  Scot is currently serving as the Field Director. We’re also involved in a variety of ministries and frequently work in partnership with the Evangelical Alliance Church of the Holy Land, the Palestinian expression of the global Alliance Church family.  We are involved in church planting, theological education, relief and community development, discipleship, and leadership training.  Exciting things are happening in Ramallah and throughout the West Bank!  God is working and his church is growing!  Mosaic Alliance International Church is just one way that God is moving!

Our ministry language is Arabic, which is a beautiful, but challenging language!   Prayers for our continuing language acquisition are always appreciated!

We are currently living in Beit Hanina, an East Jerusalem neighborhood close to the West Bank.  Some of our kids attend a local Palestinian school with Arabic as their primary education language, while others are homeschooled.  We love our neighborhood and are thankful that the kids’ school is just a half mile away from our apartment.

We’re so grateful to all you who pray for us!  And who give to keep us here!  And who send us MAIL!  I (Carrie) am not above pandering for letters and packages!  😀

~~Carrie and Scot

5 Responses to Meet the Dresslers!

  1. Tim says:

    Looks great! It’s working now… weird that it didn’t work before! Working out the kinks I guess 🙂


  2. ken howey says:

    He Dressler Family,
    I am writing on behalf of the Worship Center of NEPA, located in Old Forge, PA. We are a recently formed church by a small group of believers and worshipers of the Most High God.
    We received your info from Pastor Doug Jensen of Moosic Alliance Church. We have been looking for a missions family to support and asked Pastor Doug for his help.
    That being said, as treasurer of the church closing out year 2011 we have decided to support your ministry and all you do to further the Kingdom of God. Pastor Jensen indicated we could send out our offering support through Moosic Alliance and they would forward it with their donation. If you would prefer another way of getting this to you , please let me know.

    Praying God’s Best Blessings upon your family.
    Ken Howey.

  3. ken howey says:

    that shoud read Hi Dressler, not He…what a way to start….lol..Shalom.

  4. Doris Jensen says:

    Just wanted you to know we are featuring you this Sunday and will be sharing your recent story about those coming to Christ recently. Thanks for letting us be part of your ministry. We have also prayed for your family as they make this transition home and will continue to pray. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but I know we serve a faithful God who is able!
    Doris from Moosic Alliance

  5. John and Helen says:

    Hi, Carrie and Scot, and all the gang! We’ll pray for Scot and his shoulder surgery, and for all your transitions, including the baby! You will see Patty and Barry Jordan in Nyack where they will be the IW-I-R at the College while you are at ATS. We are in their house in Papua, Indonesia, while they are there!

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