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Big News for the Dresslers!

Posted by Carrie Ann on November 5th, 2017 | 6 comments

Change. With it comes mixed emotions of eager anticipation and sadness at what will be lost. We have been asked to transition to a completely new field and new ministry! We felt that God had been preparing us for something new in advance of our return to the field in 2014. And while we felt that prompting, we knew coming back to Palestine/Israel was his plan for our family. Many of you may recall that as we sought God’s direction after Charlie’s birth, when we weren’t sure if we would or should return, we both clearly had confirmation that God was telling us we were to return for the next term. He did not give us any direction beyond that. We felt peace, even as these past years have been challenging for our family with major adjustments to school and family life.

A new opportunity within our region was presented to us: Middle East Team Developer. Scot was asked to step into this new role, and after prayer and discussion, we agreed this was where God was leading. The role will give Scot the opportunity to not only work with our IW teams on our current field, but teams throughout the Middle East region.

So, where is our family moving?  Kandern, Germany! If that sounds familiar, it’s because that is where Black Forest Academy is located, and it is also the location of our C&MA Europe/Middle East Regional Office. It is a good launching point to the countries Scot will be serving.  It will also enable me to respond strategically to Arabic language needs in local refugee ministry, and it gives our children the opportunity to attend Black Forest Academy while living at home with us. We are excited about all the new possibilities that lie before us! Many of our coworkers in the region have affirmed Scot in this new role. And while our family faces a lot of transition in the coming months, we have peace, knowing God has led us to this new opportunity.

Of course, we feel the sadness of loss as we think about saying goodbye to the life we have lived here and the people we have grown to love. Our coworkers and friends, both international and local, have expressed their support of this new endeavor, but their sadness at our leaving. Our children have mixed feelings about what this transition means for them, too. We have lived here for nearly 14 years. Goodbyes are hard to say. We are glad that we will still be involved in ministry here, though from a distance.

This also means our home assignment schedule has been altered. We were scheduled to return to the US for one year beginning next summer. We will now do a two month home assignment next summer, returning to Kandern for the start of the new school year.  Of course, Thomas will remain in the US as he begins college, so we will return with just four of our kids. Another huge change for us!

We are happy to entertain questions you might have! And we have lots of prayer requests and giving opportunities for these coming months! Thanks for being interested in our lives and ministry!  We appreciate and depend upon your partnership.

Serving with joy~~
Carrie Ann
for all the Dresslers

6 Responses to Big News for the Dresslers!

  1. Doris Jensen says:

    Happy for you! This will be a great opportunity for your children’s schooling. May God bless you as you transition.

  2. Sharon Gray Bloomsburg, PA says:

    So you won’t be moving closer to Maggie? I wasn’t sure where she had gone to school but was thinking it was the school you mentioned. I am going to print this letter so that I can share it at church and we can be in prayer for you all during this time of transition.

    • Carrie Ann says:

      We will actually be in the same town as Black Forest Academy, so she will live with us and continue attending the same school for her senior year! It is a huge blessing!

  3. Sue Chesney (MoMo) says:

    Will continue to be praying for all the new stuff that will be taking place for all of you. And I will get to plan a trip to Germany. ( I hope) Excited for the new adventure God has planed for the family.

  4. Alan Rathbun says:

    Exciting news! Thanks for the update. So happy for your family. I’m glad for the mobility of the modern world that makes this possible. Sounds like we need to get an Eastern PA team to Germany. 😁

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