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Friends & Family Camp Update

Posted by jones on November 3rd, 2014 | 4 comments


Dear Friends and Family,

We want to thank you all for your continued prayers, and especially for the prayers on behalf of our annual Friends & Family Camp! It has always been a highlight of our ministry year, and this year, due to vacation schedules, we had to rearrange some things and ended up meeting in October on the Baltic Sea in Poland. The accommodations were great and helped to build a great atmosphere amongst all of the families there.

This year we had 68 people at camp, more than we’ve ever had in the summer! Many of the attendees were either very new believers or people who were seeking. Sarah spent time with the adult group, and said she noticed an openness amongst the adults that she hadn’t seen before. Our very good friends were at camp for the third straight year, and we saw them both open up to things in a deeper way this year. Continue to pray for them!

Don lead the children’s work at camp, which had almost 30 kids! The theme for the week was Super Heroes from the Bible. The kids learned Bible verses, and studied the lives of Gideon, Esther, Paul and Jesus together, to see what super “powers” God gives us as His superheroes! Every day after the lessons we had our Superhero games where we went to the beach and built sand towers, buried and searched for candy and together built a sand serpent that stretched from the shore to the promenade! Don worked with the older kids, and was able to have some fun times of sharing with them, including helping some of them understand why faith is necessary in our lives.

God’s Spirit was really at work, and we are so thankful for your prayers and encouragement during our time there! One of the upsides of family camp is that we are together as a family, and we had a lot of fun together walking on the beach and getting to fly our kite (something that isn’t so easy to do in the city). We left excited to see God moving and refreshed as a family.

Please continue to pray for us in the coming weeks. We know the enemy likes to attack after such a great week of ministry, and in some ways we have seen signs of that, so please pray for protection for us, for our team and for those whose lives were impacted at the camp. Please pray as we try to follow up with those seeking/very new believers. We are hoping to be able to offer a “basics of the faith” course. Please pray that people will respond and commit to being part of this.

On Sunday, November 9th, Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. We thought you might be interested in a brief history of the wall and some pictures of that momentous occasion here in Berlin. Here is a link to a slide show recently put together by the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/the-fall-of-the-berlin-wall/2014/10/31/01eacca0-605b-11e4-8b9e-2ccdac31a031_gallery.html

Another related article shows some of the ways in which life continues to differ for those in Germany based on where they live. You may find it interesting to know these facts: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2014/10/31/the-berlin-wall-fell-25-years-ago-but-germany-is-still-divided/

Please pray for the hearts of those living in Germany to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, no matter where they come from or where they currently live!

Also pray for us as a family as we prepare to head to the United States for two weeks in November. Don will be speaking at Watsontown Alliance Church in Watsontown, PA for their missions conference during the first week. He will also be speaking at Centre Church, in State College! We are looking forward to a time of seeing our families and our friends, and getting to share about the cool things God is doing here in Northeast Germany!

In His Grip,

Don, Sarah, Dane and Jenna

4 Responses to Friends & Family Camp Update

  1. Chris Cunningham says:

    Wonderful report! The two links from the Washington Post are quite interesting too! Thank you for your faithful service – we’re praying for you!
    Chris, for Karen

  2. Ellie Madsen says:

    Hello friends,
    We praise the Lord for your lives and the things that God is doing in Germany!!

    Have a blessed time in the U.S. with family and friends!!

    The Madsens 🙂

  3. Jerry says:

    your work with the kids and their families is going to result in people knowing Jesus for generations to come! Awesome! Have a blessed time in the States!!!!

  4. Kristian frank says:

    So many exciting things going on! I can’t wait to see you see week and catch up. Love your favorite cousin!

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