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February 2015

Posted by jones on February 26th, 2015 | 7 comments

Dear Friends and Family,

A few weeks ago the congregation at Freischwimmer held their annual meeting.  It was a great meeting and we saw God do some surprising things, including having the congregation express the desire to move from being a church plant to being an active church!  The official church planting service will be held on March 8th. One change that will happen as we move in this direction is that the congregation will now call themselves the “evangelische Kulturwerkstatt” (evangelical culture workshop).  For the purpose of our letters to you, we’ll probably refer to the church as EK. One man in the church expressed his willingness to be an elder and we are praying that God will supply one or two more men who would be willing to serve in this role.  We are also praying that we would find four other people who are willing to be a part of the church leadership team. The hope is that the church will grow to the point where they can function without the presence of full-time international workers (us!). We have seen people step up in many ways, but naturally it is difficult to find people willing to take on big jobs, like directing the children’s ministry. Please pray with us that God would encourage people in their gifts and that over the next year other folks would transition into the roles we currently fill.

We have seen great things happening in both children and youth work in recent days. Please pray for the kids who hear God’s word on a regular basis. We truly believe that He is raising up a generation of strong believers among them! We also pray that the kids involved would bring their friends and that the ground on which the seed falls would be good soil.

One great blessing for our Children and Youth work is that we are able to hold our activities in “Berliner Freiraum” our Berlin Urban Ministry Project (BUMP). These rooms provide a great space, not only for Children and Youth ministry, but for a Mommy & Baby group, Bible study groups, a crafting group and much more. One exciting opportunity has been using the rooms to exhibit art. Our teammate Mike Picconatto, who directs BUMP, is continually networking with artists who may want to exhibit in the space. Recently we had the opportunity to see BUMP work together with “the Source” (another C&MA outreach center) in Sarajevo, Bosnia Hercegovina. To read more about this, please click here: Art for Renewal. Please pray for Mike as he directs BUMP~ it’s a big job! We pray that many people who come through the doors for the outreaches offered will give their hearts to Jesus.

Another praise/prayer request…we are seeing some of our friends open their hearts more and more to the truth of the gospel.  Our close friends B. and H. have recently expressed interest in going through a basics of the Christian faith course (similar to Alpha).  H. told Don that as someone who is searching, it is the right time for him.  This friend used to repeatedly remind Don that he was an atheist. Many of you have heard about this family and prayed for them.  We are excited to see how God has heard your prayers and used different opportunities, including our family camp, to move them closer and closer to Himself! The course will begin after Easter. Please pray that nothing would stand in the way of B. and H. participating and also that there will be several others who commit to doing the course as well.

Pray for Don, our teammate Mike and our good friend Christiane as they begin to plan for a summer Bible camp for kids between the ages of 8-11.  The camp theme will be the Wild West, and the kids will be camping in covered wagons!  The dates for camp are August 10-16, 2015.  If you’d be interested in coming and cooking at this camp, please email us!

Our family will once again serve at our annual Friends and Family Camp from August 23-29, 2015. We would be grateful for your prayers as we already begin to prepare. Pray that God would lead exactly the right folks to decide to participate in this camp!

As a family we are doing well.  Dane is enjoying the 4th grade, and had his first report card with grades this semester.  We were proud of how well he has done, and happy to see that he understands where he can improve (though his English grade was pretty impressive 😉 ).  Jenna is making strides in school and we are happy to see the steps she has made in both math and reading. Please continue to pray for her academic development. Sarah was blessed to have her childhood best friend visit her at the beginning of February.  It is always a joy to share our lives and our ministries with our friends and family in an up-close and personal way.  Don is preparing for a busy summer with the camps, a marathon and an obstacle race planned with some of his friends (he’s also getting ready to turn 40!).

Thank you again for your prayers and your support as we minister here in Northeast Germany!  We are so grateful to have you as a part of our team. Our ministry is part of the worldwide effort of THE ALLIANCE. Our “big team” includes over 750 people like us. To sign up to receive regular updates about our Alliance efforts all around the globe, go to subscribe. For social media updates, click on connect.

In His Grip,

Don, Sarah, Dane and Jenna Jones


7 Responses to February 2015

  1. Alan Rathbun says:

    This is a lot of great news! Thanks for the update! I’ll be praying for B and H!

  2. Janelle Davis says:

    Praise His Holy Name! I’m so grateful to hear of God’s work with you guys. His Spirit is at work! We’ll keep praying.

  3. Aunt Ruth says:

    So good to read about your ministry! Congrats to Dane for those good grades and to Jenna for her success. Grace and Maddie have the same Christmas dress! Good taste runs in the family! Love you. Continued prayers.

  4. Frances Kobbe says:

    Thanks for your Service there to spread the Good News of Jesus and the message of Salvation. So glad the children are interested and your dedication to them.
    Indeed the Spirit seems to be moving. In Christian Love and prayers for you folks..

  5. Kristian frank says:

    Praying for you today and your church planting service is blessed. So good to hear everything is going so well.

  6. Edna Mapstone says:

    Rejoicing with you on these praises and will be praying for the requests! So glad to hear the children are doing well – praying much for them!

    May blessings abound in the days ahead!

  7. Ellie Madsen says:

    Hi friends,

    We praise Jesus with you for all the things He is doing in Germnay!! 🙂

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